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My Crossdressing Partner is Frequently Hit on by Men

Crossdressing partnerA woman in the UK who supports her cross-dressing male partner says that when they are out they get frequently hit on by men thinking both of them are women.

Linda Bailey and Phil Walsh who now live together in Coventry, West Midlands met through TikTok when Linda came across Phil’s crossdressing videos and they started engaging on each other’s videos. After hitting it off the couple started dating and Phil later proposed to Linda.

Lina, who works in clinical diagnostics says she supports her crossdressing partner to the fullest and loves him for who he is. Linda adds that it doesn’t bother her when people assume Phil is a homosexual or trans because he likes to cross-dress.

crossdressing couple

Linda admits that Phil looks amazing as a woman and that he gets asked out a lot by men. They have encountered many experiences where men come up to them to sit with them thinking both of them are women.

Phil, who is a field technician says that he has been cross-dressing for almost 10 years and mentioned that he was always fond of feminine clothes and find them very comfortable. He joined TikTok and started posting many videos of him cross-dressing in full makeover with a wig and makeup.

Phil was really happy that he didn’t need to hide anything from the beginning from Linda and now they love getting dressed together or putting on matching pajamas at home.

crossdressing with girlfriend

The couple share wigs and make-up except for clothes because they are different sizes. Phil loves to cross-dress whenever he has time. Linda admits that Phil is better at doing make-up than her and gets asked out a lot by men because he looks amazing as a woman.

Linda claims ‘He’s just a man who cross-dresses. Any negativity doesn’t bother us. We’re both confident in who we are and that’s what matters.”.

Phil says it took him a while to work out where he fitted and know where his place was. He adds that a whole new world has been opened for him now and he says he’s not hurting anyone by crossdressing.

Phil adds ‘When I’m dressed up I feel happy and I’ve realized it’s part of me and just something I do. I want others to know they are not alone and to just be themselves.’

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crossdressing with partner

crossdressing couple

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  1. Who is the Male u r both beautiful

  2. Actually, it doesn’t matter who is a man or a woman. The important thing is the understanding of humanity, I am a transvestite. I live in Turkey. It is difficult to age here as a transvestite, of course, but I do what I feel. My feelings and thoughts. I like men because I am feminine. Our friend Plih, who is the subject, applied what he felt and did it. And he says that he is happy. On the other hand, he loved it like this. I congratulate them both, I wish them both happiness, being human is the duty of humanity to respect them. Thank you. For giving me the opportunity to express myself here, with my respect.
    Greetings from Turkey, best regards. – Travesti Yildiz

  3. So happy fkr you both, as its rare to find women accepting men crossdressing.

  4. You have the perfect relationship. My wife accepted me at first for many years but she told me she didn’t really like it and wished I would stop. Ah, well, it doesn’t really work that way as I have crosedressed since I was 5 years old. She allows me to sleep in one of my many nightgowns but I really can’t dress around the house much as shes home all the time as she is retired now. She would not let me dress around the kids when they were young but my youngest saw me once dressed but I was forbidden to tell her anything. My daughter asked her mother after she grew up why there had been another woman around once and my wife told her about me. My daughter was mildly upset that she hadn’t been allowed to know and she said she would have loved it if I could have dressed around the house when she was young. I was saddened by that as it could have been a happier home all those years. My daughter has been totally accepting of me but I will still respect my wife’s wishes and not dress. I only dress in secret now, however, I am planning to come out a little more as time goes on. We used to go to Crystal club a lot which is where many other crossdressers would get together and go out on the town. Many of the others brought there wives to the club also. I miss being Julieanne and wish she could come out again as she was a really happy go lucky lady that was fun to be with.

    1. I know how you feel, my wife was excepting at the beginning but it tapped off to pretty much nothing.
      Bottom line I just love to dress as a girl it makes me feel good inside and turns me on too, I would make such a good lover and house gurl for my wife but it will never happen, not her fault not my fault just two different ideas on what we like.

  5. For me, that’s one of the biggest reasons I love to crossdress. The first few times I had men show me some attention was a little weird at first. As it became more common, I got more comfortable with it. I almost crave the attention. Having a man validate your femininity is an amazing feeling.

  6. Lovely story. So inspiring and so resonates with my own story. My amazing fem partner fully supports and encourages my crossdressing. We also have matching pyjamas! We often buy and wear matching outfits and she says i’m better at makeup than her now. In fact when we go to naughty parties together i do my makeup and hers xxx

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