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My Boyfriend is a Crossdresser and I Like it !

my boyfriend is a crossdresser22-year-old Canadian woman embraces her boyfriend’s fantasy for crossdressing ” My Boyfriend is a Crossdresser and I Like it “. She says she loves going out on dates with him in sexy women’s clothing – and they have even created matching alter-egos, Alaska and Katya.

Benjamin Altmejd, 25, and Nastia Cloutier, 22, are a Canada-based heterosexual couple who enjoy crossdressing together. They first started crossdressing in May 2019 after Benjamin asked about doing it. Nastia agreed to dress with Benjamin where he would dress as a girl.

Earlier this year, Benjamin Altmejd, 25, told his girlfriend Nastia that he wanted to dress as a woman. Now the couple enjoy his cross-dressing and even go out on dates together, dressed as women.

my boyfriend is a crossdresser

The pair both work in creative fields as artists and photographers, and are used to breaking boundaries in their respective crafts. So, when Benjamin wanted to wear makeup and women’s clothes, Nastia was accepting of it and came up with an alter ego of her own. The Canadian couple first began enjoying the fantasy at home, but now go on dates in public and stay in hotel rooms.

The couple have since come out to their families, who have been mostly supportive. Ben claims that his dad even shows photographs of Alaska to his friends and encourages him to post more. Sadly, Nastia’s family hasn’t been as accepting. While the pair have debuted their alter egos in public, this has always been in LGBTQ+ friendly venues where safety was not a concern.

my boyfriend is a crossdresser

However, on their first official dinner date as two women, the couple ventured out into town, away from their usual safe spaces. They both are very supportive of each other and enjoys going out together.

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  1. Awesome sets of images and the very best luck to both of you xxx

    1. Sorry..stay a’re way hotter..your girl friend is gorgeous…you just look like a drag opinion…so be it

  2. I truly think that this is the most beautiful way of showing love to one another and I am very proud of the couple for their love for each other and being able to make their lives matter no matter how people think I love you both and I am a transgender woman who is married to a very beautiful woman who knew that I dressed as a female and than in August of 2011 we both talk about my becoming a woman and I started my journey and we are now going on our 42 anniversary in July of 2020 and both of us will be renewing our wedding vows

  3. Way to go, “girls”! As a women, I can’t say how happy I am to hear of this, of how a man can be so willing to enjoy his feminine side..not every women, me included, wants a man to be so “macho”… be yourself…be in touch with your feelings, show your softer loved for that…I’m so happy for this couple.. long may they be happy together x

    1. You sound amazing

    2. I’m glad that you are so accepting of those of us that need to express our feminine side.

    3. I just love people like you! Gives me hope for people in general

  4. you have to keep going, never set boundaries on your boyfriend, not matter where it goes

  5. Omg, wish i could find someone like that he should marry that girl.
    I stay in the closet cause my girl said once she would leave me if anything like that happens . She like calling me princess cause im sensative i act like i dont like it but i love it.

    1. That makes me sad to read. You should be free to be you. But I guess as long as you’re happy.

  6. If they are both going out crossdressed, then that should mean the girlfriend is going out dressed in male clothing

  7. Incredible. A beautiful couple who deserve applause and respect for what they do.

  8. I am so happy for them, and pray her family comes around .

  9. Linda história. Tb sou CD É gostaria de uma namorada que aceitasse me vestir como mulher.amo universo feminino. Acho que ambas só tem a ganhar. Principalmente na diversidade de roupas kkk
    Sorte as duas.

  10. Que hermosa historia, las felicito. Son un ejemplo de valor de respeto y de romper la regla con fraternidad y paz. Espero sigan adelante y que más parejas sigan su ejemplo de vida. Yo espero tener algún día mi propia historia y poder contarla. Gracias a ustedes ahora ya tengo mas esperanza y fuerza para también cumplir mis sueños.

  11. Most of my friends are girls and they love to dress me up as a girl and take me on the town. It’s so much more fun as a girl.

  12. Join the club sweetie. My girlfriend and I met while I was out with friends one night, dressed on my sexy school girl outfit. We go out all the time and rest enjoy it. We also have a lot of fun shopping together. We have the same taste in cloths. Have fun you two!!💋💋

    1. While my wife has long known and enjoys my need to be her girl, I’ve never had an inclination to go out in public dressed as such. I think it would be so intoxicating to do so. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could pass as a women out in public but if I looked as good as you do, I would not hesitate. Home is often where “girls night out” takes place and it is very good. Carry on ladies, carry on!

  13. 42 yrs? Wow great job

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