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My 5 Favorite Outfits with Beautiful Crossdresser Joselyn Alegría

crossdressing outfitsBeautiful and glamorous crossdresser Joselyn Alegría shares her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

Some words by Joselyn:

“Hi how are things? I am Joselyn and it is a pleasure for me to be able to show you a little of my outfits. Honestly, I don’t have the number of clothes and things that I would like, but I try to get the most out of combining my clothes and accessories, in order to create different looks and not fall into monotony, however, given the scarce variety of clothes that According to me, it has been very difficult for me to choose 5 outfits to present.

When dressing, I like to look sophisticated, but without losing the touch of sensuality, however, I always consider the place and the activity to do when planning the look. Some of my favorite clothes are tight dresses, short skirts, tights, crop tops, high heels and boots. In addition, the accessories are a complement that I love.”

Outfit no.1: Black and white

Crossdresser in black and white dress
“This time I am wearing a fitted dress in black and white stripes with geometric patterns, with a belt at the waist and open heeled shoes with a strap, it was a perfect look for a summer disco night, the accessories with shiny fantasy stones on earrings and necklace. The dress is quite tight, highlighting the figure, short to show off the legs and open shoes to create the illusion of greater length, black belt at the waist to create a greater definition of it.”

Outfit no.2: Fearless

crossdresser in skirt and boots
“This time I am wearing an outing outfit, with a biker jacket, black crop top, skirt and buccaneer boots, ideal for summer nights or a cool afternoon outing. Personally, I love how the clothes combine and it is an outfit that I planned and wanted to emulate for a long time and I am very happy with the result. This time I focus on the neckline and abdomen, keeping the sexy touch with the mini and finally giving balance with the boots.”

Outfit no.3: Casual

crossdresser in skinny jeans
“A casual look cannot be missing and jeans and a crop top are perfect to achieve this look, giving a more flirtatious and fun impression. On the other hand, this type of look is less flashy and can sometimes help you perform with more confidence, keeping a lower profile. White sneakers are a perfect complement to this look, but when you want to give a more elegant touch, heeled shoes are perfect.”

Outfit no.4: Blouse and mini tube

crossdresser in black dress in public
“This time I’m wearing a black blouse with a pencil skirt and high-heeled sandals, it was a look I wore to go to a festival, but maybe the heels weren’t the best choice, but the pain in my feet is something I can bear. In the accessories, look for golden details to contrast with the black of the garments.”

Outfit no.5:  Passion-red

crossdresser in red mini dress
“Finally I wear a brown strapless dress, with a gold necklace and heels, for a more intimate date, it gives a sexy and flirtatious image, ideal to impress your boy. This time, attention is focused on the shoulders and chest, helping with the necklace to harmonize and stylize the upper area, the dress hugs the figure and leaves a lot of leg exposed, I finish with high-heeled shoes to complete the look.”

“It is what I can share, I wanted to share many more looks, but try to present a varied selection of styles. In general, I can say that I love to look pretty and I look for a way to always wear feminine clothes in such a way that they highlight the feminine forms, although this is not a rule and of course the important thing is to always feel good, be comfortable with yourself and have fun.” – Joselyn Alegría

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  1. Wow! You look so gorgeous and sexy with all those outfits. Thanks a lot for sharing your beauty and femininity, inspiring us to try to look as cute and beautiful like you.

  2. Your so beautiful your body is perfect and those long legs makes me imagine what’s higher and get back to me on and I will buy you some real revealing lingerie outfits and they can deliver online to you your address

  3. Please marry me. I’m sure my wife would understand.

  4. Whose that lady? Lovely lady. Real fine lady. That song was made for you, my dear.

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