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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Tina Martini

My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Tina Martini

Gorgeous and radiant crossdresser Tina Martini from Australia, share 5 of her favorite outfits/style and more with us. Make sure to read till the last if you want to know more about Tina and her story.

Here are 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Tina Martini

Number 1Crossdresser Tina in business look

Number 1 is a business look. I love a smart business woman with high court shoes. That feeling of magnetism and power which goes with a beautiful woman dressed in a way that says she knows what she wants and how to get it is intoxicating. Tina’s signature color is purple, so here is the first one.

Number 2Tina crossdressing in period look

Second, we have a period look. This goes back to Edwardian days of beauty and coyness when men were allured by the outfit and enticed by what might be underneath!

Number 3Crossdresser Tina dressed as power queen

Thirdly, this is one of power too. the queen of all I survey, ultimate power! The outfit, pose and setting all speak of the definitive femme fatale. It’s latex, too, but not over fetishistic….

Number 4Tina crossdressing as bride

The fourth is wedding related. I did a wedding shoot a year ago where I played the bride, female groom, bride’s mother and the bridesmaid. My favorite look was actually the bride’s mother, although who doesn’t want to be the radiant bride? Actually here are all 4, but as I say, my favorite look was bride’s mother. And of course there is a purple/mauve theme!

Crossdressing in wedding themeTina dressed as bridesmaid (left), female groom (center) and bride’s mother (right)

Number 5Tina Martini

Finally here is a shot I took at home. I actually do a live music act (I stress, this is NOT a drag act) where I perform David Bowie’s songs as a female David Bowie, the act being called ‘Androgyne Genie’.

Unfortunately Covid has hampered me with this, although I performed at two major trans events in Melbourne and Sydney for the last two years, and I am hoping to play at a Bowie event in Carinda, where he filmed the video for ‘Let’s Dance’ many years ago, in October. We will have to wait and see whether Covid puts paid to that too. This is my main outfit for performing his songs, singing and playing guitar.

It was very hard to hone this down to a few shots! I have many, many looks and literally thousands of pics, and I am an absolute fashion obsessive.

Crossdresser Tina dressed in sissy maid costume
One of my favorite shoots was when I went to Tokyo early last year and visited Zoom for makeovers. Here I did some very cutesy looks, but these may not be quite right for this feature (but attached is one).

crossdresser Tina MartiniFew words by Tina:

“I have literally just in the last 2 weeks retired from work aged 63. I keep very fit and look after my skin, and have become quite skilled at my own makeovers. I am married and my wife and kids know about my Tina side, but I keep it separate and have a separate flat where Tina keeps all her clothes, shoes and makeup.I have my own website, and a YouTube channel too ( ) as well as countless pictures and posts on Flickr, Facebook and Instagram.

My aim is to become a professional live performer with my Bowie act, but I also have a rock chick act to supplement it, where I play a broad range of material from Britney Spears, Katie Perry and Hole to the Who!

I also wrote a song about my crossdressing called ‘The Trouble with Tina‘, then professionally recorded it, along with a video, and it is viewable on my YouTube channel (in my other life I was also a reasonably successful songwriter/performer).

I started cross dressing aged 12 but didn’t come out to my nearest and dearest until 5 years ago. Thankfully they are OK with my obsession – and it absolutely is an obsession. There is nothing better or more fun.
I do believe that we are all somewhere on the spectrum of sexuality and gender, and whilst I am happy to live with my male and female personas alternately, I have many friends who have transitioned or are transitioning, and I am a big supporter of trans rights. ” – TINA MARTINI

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