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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Tgirl Alice

Tgirl Alice - Outfits and StyleFabulous Tgirl Alice share 5 of her most favorite outfits/style with us.

Some words by Alice:

“Hiya, I’m Alice and today I going to talk you through my five favorite outfits. Hopefully in this article you can get a sense of how I plan and create my looks, some of the principles I use and tips I have learned along the way.

Marco Pierre White said of cooking that perfection is a lot of little things done well, and in creating my styles I try to embrace this philosophy, combining and layering lots of simple things to achieve a complete look.”

“It was hard to choose just five, I also want to say that I have also had my share of dodgy looks. Part of the invention and experimentation means that I don’t always get it right, but it’s the creativity and expression that keeps it really interesting and makes it even better when it comes off.

I will also note that this has not been an independent effort, I am fortunate to have a really supportive group of people who help me with styling, outfits, makeup and photography, without them none of this would be possible.” – Alice

Outfit no. 1:

male to female transformation

The first outfit I have chosen is also my first ever dress as Alice. What I really like about this look is that it’s a statement piece. The lilac shimmers to catch the light making it really pop. What’s unusual for a wrap dress is the way it contours my figure well, creating a slight hour glass while flattering the shoulders and arms.

Here I’ve paired it with statement champagne shoes, a faux diamond necklace and my favorite white bag. Normally, I try to only have one ‘loud’ item per outfit but this dress from boohoo calls for the extra drama. To tone it down slightly I went for a sandy brunette which is a luxury choice us Tgirls have. This is probably my favorite look because of the personal significance.

Outfit no. 2:

Tgirl Alice little black dress

Choosing an lbd (little black dress) for this list was tough because there has been so many special options. I have gone for this one because I really like the timeless elegance of it. It’s a dress that would be equally in fashion 50 years ago as it is today.

A large part of my style is trying to find looks that are simple but striking. This is a great example because there’s only two things going on, a warm velvet paired with flirty mesh. I added a choker and hoop earrings for a bit of modernity.

The heels are simple open toe stilettos which I think compliment the dress without being distracting. Lbds are great for their versatility and ability to range from elegant to sexy to casual “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld.”

Outfit no. 3:

Tgirl Alice

“Here I have gone for a pants-roll neck combo. I chose this look to highlight the potential in more casual items to still be fun and cute. The white jeans on their own can be kind of mundane, but paired with a flattering black roll neck, they have a striking contrast that creates a perfect outfit for bright chilly days

When the weather’s warmer you can swap the roll neck for a lighter black top with the same effect. Roll necks are great for modesty that maintains figure and shape. I’m a huge fan of pairing them with bright colored skirts. This particular roll neck actually becomes a short dress that gives off a real apres ski vibe.

For shoes I’ve gone with strappy black suede high heels to complete the contrast and make it a bit more dressy. This outfit would go equally well with tennis shoes, boots or platforms if you wanted to dress up or down. I’ve kept the jewelry understated to keep focus on the black white contrast.”

Outfit no. 4:

Tgirl Alice in pink skirt and heels

“This look is built around one piece, the pink satin skirt. I have selected it for this article because it is a great example of how my thought process works on styling. The black off the shoulder top is cute but unremarkable and really only serves as a base for the satin in the skirt to shine. The same suede heels complete a preppy look that blends causal with style.”

“This outfit features a lot more skin than usual, as a Tgirl I’m normally trying to use clothes to conceal rather than amplify. This picture shows how you can use certain items to open up some of your favorite features. If I was to be super critical here, I would probably switch the nails to a more subtle color.”

“It also highlights the importance of good photography, the way my hair is bouncing and my right leg is swinging the skirt introduces movement to the picture which adds some personality.”

Outfit no. 5:

male to female makeover

“I’m going to bookend this with another dress in my favorite color, lilac. This look was best described to me as prim and proper and was a lot of fun to do. While the dress itself is not particularly flashy, combined with pearls it conjours up imagery of retro femininity which I adore, the starry sleeves and ivory stilettos keep it a bit more grounded in the contemporary.”

“These kind of looks are probably the most fun to do as they create an aesthetic and go somewhat against the grain of what most women wear. That freedom to experiment, even if it doesn’t always work out is something I really enjoy.”

“I also want to make the point here that when creating images a great tool is to use props like flowers, bags or makeup or to use movement to make a picture deeper. Posing on its own can be a little flat, so introducing these elements makes images a bit more lively.”

“Hopefully this article sheds some light on my process and the ideas behind some of my signature looks. It was a lot of fun to go back through my own outfits and the thinking that went into them. The main thing when putting outfits together is to enjoy yourself and cherish the experience. We are all lucky to share a passion that can be so challenging and rewarding” – Alice

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  1. Wow, great outfits. I loved the outfit no.5 the most.

  2. You look amazing in every outfit Alice. Thanks for the outfit ideas.

  3. Beautiful

  4. You look absolutely stunning in all your outfits Alice. I can’t pic a favourite because you make each one look sooo beautiful..🌹

  5. I hope I can get a better understanding from you all on being a better trans\crossdresser and hopefully get to meet some of you in person please message me and give relief to my nervous state

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