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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Shenzou Hatsumi

My-5 Favorite Outfits and Style with Shenzou HatsumiGorgeous crossdresser  Shenzou Hatsumi shares with us her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

Check out 5 Favorite Outfits / Style of Shenzou Hatsumi

Outfit no. 1

Shenzou Hatsumi
Those who know me know that I love to dress casual. You get to dress pretty without standing out and getting to blend in. I love this outfit in particular because of how comfortable and flowy it is.

Not to mention how adorable it is. And it’s pink! I’ve coupled this lovely dress with a denim jacket and pink Kate Spade purse which I “burrowed” from my gf. And the cherry on top is the pink converse. Did I tell you that I love pink? This outfit is perfect for a casual day out when you’re heading to town for a quick stroll or a nice coffee date.

Outfit no. 2

cute crossdresser
This outfit is for the times when I like to feel cute. It’s not very complex but very pleasing to wear. The black camisole is simple yet feminine and the cute floral skirt hugs you in all the right places. You can show your sexy legs in these. And finally the lovely ballet flats which not only look lovely but do not make your feet cry! The best part about this outfit is how well you can feel the breeze and is perfect for summer!

Outfit no. 3

crossdresser in formal wears
It’s time for business. You can look cute when you work, am I right?  The maroon high waisted skirt is perfect wear for the office where you can look professional but show off your curves. Not to forget that they’re extremely stretchy and comfortable. Paired with it is a must wear pantyhose. They’re very important! They feel so good and look even better.

The top is a simple black crop top and works well with the outfit. And of course the blazer on top is pink 😁. It’s perfect when you mean to show you’re serious but want to reek femininity. And the handbag is to keep all the essentials that you might need throughout the day.

A bag is a very important piece of one’s outfit and you should wear it with pride and as an extension of your outfit. Lastly, the ballet flat makes an appearance again because they’re so comfortable and you would definitely want these on if you plan on showing your cute outfit to the whole office.

Outfit no. 4

My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Shenzou Hatsumi
This is one of my favorite outfit and is based upon a vintage pinup look. The polka dot dress screams femininity and the subtle shine further accentuates it’s beauty. The black pantyhose adds contrast to the outfit and very comfortable on your freshly shaved smooth and soft legs.

The black wedged heels are very pretty but are not as difficult to walk on compared to other high heels. And lastly, the jewelries are important to compliment the outfit. The pearl earrings are classy and feminine. And the fossil watch is simple yet beautiful. This outfit is for one of those days when you feel like doing the house chores dressed pretty like in the vintage days.

Outfit no. 5

Crossdressing in leggings
This is another casual yet functional outfit that I prefer as everyday wear when I’m just going out for a walk or towards the town. The leggings and the sports bra combo is pretty cute and comfortable.

These particular leggings are from under armor where as the bra is from target. Paired with a white converse the workout outfit is ready. This outfit shows off your curves when you don’t want to stand out as a crossdresser but also seek some attention.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my outfits. There are so much more outfits that I’d love to discuss but these ones are my top ones. Please let me know how you guys like it down below! ❤

    1. Thanks Shenzou, love seeing these outfits on you, and your description of what you like about each one. They all look great on you, would love to see more.

  2. All these outfits are cute but everything is beautiful to you 😘

  3. You are so beautiful and such an inspiration! These outfits are super cute! I love #2 and #4 the best! I hope to see more in the future!

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