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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Miss Christie Cream

hot crossdresser in black dressGorgeous crossdresser Miss Christie Cream shares her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

“Hiya, I’m Christie and I thought I’d put my top 5 favorite outfits together with a bit of info on why and where I get these looks. The makeup and hair styling and photos I owe to the amazing Cindy at “Boys Will Be Girls” who is just a genius.”

“I’m constantly following fashion and trends. I have expensive tastes though, but so far I haven’t been treated to a pair of Louboutins or a tweed Chanel suit …I need to keep looking for my Prince Charming…Sigh!”

“These looks are put together by me from womens high street shops and I love all of the outfits here – I’ve gone from day to night in terms of styling these 5.”- Miss Christie


crossdresser in floral dress

“I call this my “lunch with the girls / looking at boys” outfit. It’s a lovely flowery high neck blouse worn with a patent leather look mini, my fave Wolford opaque tights and suede platform heels.”

“With a mini skirt sheer tights can just just look too tarty whereas black opaques look classy but still sexy. The heels really accentuate my legs as well which I really like and am always complimented on. My hair is flirty, fun and carefree and says “come and get me…”. – Miss Christie Cream


crossdresser in suit

“This is my fave day look right now – if you worked in fashion you could get away with this as your daytime office wear …probably ! It’s a beautiful houndstooth shorts and blazer co-ord set which I’m wearing here with Wolford Neon 40 tights in black (my favourite tights ever), knee high boots and a cut out high neck top.”

“The pink gloves and matching mini tote-handbag add a splash of colour and instantly give the vibe a less harsh and more girly feel. You know a kind of “well she’s all business but she’s a girly girl too…”look.”.– Miss Christie Cream


Crossdresser in black polka dress

“Okay we’re going into night now…This is taking the pop of pink from the office into an evening, girly, flirty look.”

“A black polkadot mini dress worn with my fave Wolford Neon 40 tights again and these funky pink platforms along with the pink bag just screams queen – and the black choker even re-iterates that so theres no mistaking who you’re dealing with !”

“The black gloves and sparkly bracelets add a touch of class to the look and the big sparkly hoop earrings just scream femininity. I just adore this whole outfit. I think my face just shows how happy and girly I’m feeling.” – Miss Christie Cream


crossdresser in sequin dress

“Now it’s time for some serious clubbing, I want all eyes on me so how about a sparkly sequin jumpsuit with towering black and glitter platform heels. Worn with fishnets underneath there’s not a man in the room who hasn’t seen me enter.”

“A gorgeous sparkly necklace also draws mens eyes to my chest, my ears adorned by gorgeous big hoop earrings and my make up features a kissable red lip and glam eye makeup. Sexy nails and a cute heart shaped sparkly ring just complete the look I just feel amazing and ooze sex appeal in this outfit.”. – Miss Christie Cream


male to female makeover

“And finally what top 5 is complete without another LBD thrown into the pot. This lovely lace sleeve mini is low cut, very short skirt length and I’ve paired it with micron tights to really show off my legs. A pair of suede platform heels finish this look off and of course some sparkly bracelets just because ! Another outfit where I feel very sexy and feminine.” – Miss Christie

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  1. Hello. I’m new here and saw your photos and read this article. Such confidence and wow, beauty. 🌹 Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I’m Michael. Glad to meet you.

  2. Hermosos outfits y sexy modelo.

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