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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Klaudia Jones

beautiful crossdresser Klaudia Beautiful crossdresser Klaudia Jones shares with us her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

Check out 5 Favorite Outfits / Style of Klaudia Jones

Outfit no. 1: love this dress and jacket combo. Its ideal for an all day look. Suitable for shopping, lunch, afternoon meeting for coffee or drinks, even casual dinner and outings. Its an all rounder and simply very convenient.

Klaudia jones

Outfit no. 2: Simply adore this dress. It just screams femininity, keeping it classy but with a hint of sexy. Matched with the right pair of heels is the perfect look for a spring afternoon outing or for a nice lunch with the girls.crossdressing

Outfit no. 3: This is just a youthful and carefree sexy look. Just brings me back to my 20’s and clubbing excursions till the early morning.man dressed as woman

Outfit no. 4: I cannot imagine any girl’s wardrobe being complete without a little black dress. its just the go to dress/look when you don’t know what to wear (which is so often the case). You simply cannot go wrong with an LBD!!! I have probable 4 or 5 but this one is my favorite!crossdressing in black dress

Outfit no. 5: Last but not least every girl need a dress for a fancy/formal event. My final look is this gorgeous dress with black heels which is the perfect look for a wedding, a formal party, even the races (in case you live in the UK).

Klaudia boy to girl makeover

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