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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Julia

crossdresser JuliaBeautiful crossdresser Julia shares her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

Outfit no.1
crossdresser in black dress
The LBD featured on website: A LBD is an essential for any girl, and I love how it has sheer sleeves, and a low cut design to show off cleavage! That it’s bodycon shows off any curves, and makes you feel amazing!

Outfit no.2
crossdresser in red dress and boots
Red dress with cut off shoulders. I love this dress because it has a zip from top to bottom, so very customizable! The cut off shoulders are very nice, and for a form fitting dress it is very comfy, and you accessorize it quite easily!

Outfit no.3
Julia in black dress
I love this outfit, it was my first time wearing a sleeveless top, I felt so liberated and free. With a short black skirt, and tights, I felt incredible!

Outfit no.4
first time wearing a dress
This one is special for me, as it’s the first time I got a proper makeover! It was such a wonderful experience seeing my inner girl come out, and the results were pretty good too!

Outfit no.5
Julia in polka skirt
Finally this outfit with black top, and polka dot bottom. I love this outfit, wearing stockings for the first time was epic, and it was quite a classy look.

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  1. LOVE the classic looks! Age appropriate dress makes us “gurls” look considerably more passable! Yet we can still be sexy. Well done!

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