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My 5 Favorite Outfits & Style with Jessica Kelly

My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Jessica KellyBeautiful crossdresser Jessica Kelly from United Kingdom,  share 5 of her favorite outfits/style with us.

Here is 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Jessica Kelly

Outfit 1: White and Gold Minidress

Crossdresser Jessica in White and Gold Minidress

Jessica: “My current favorite strapless minidress for achieving that “night out on the town” look. White is always a risk, but the dress cinches in beautifully at the waist, coupled with a matching belt, to give an hourglass figure. The look has been paired with various white and gold accessories, including a necklace which I cheekily double wrapped around my leg to create a makeshift anklet!”

Outfit 2: Black and Red Skater Dress

Crossdresser Jessica Kelly in black and red skater dress

Jessica: “Probably the most casual look on this list (naturally, I’m not a very casual person), but still a very pretty skater dress. The black velvet finish creates a beautiful texture, with the design itself having some potential for a more gothic vibe in the future. The shoes are a cute pair of strapped black pumps that are super comfy.”

Outfit 3: Blue and White Denim

Beautiful crossdresser Jessica in white and blue denim

Jessica: “A look from a night out a few years ago that I definitely want to revisit. The cute sky blue crop top pairs nicely with the rolled sleeve denim jacket. The white shorts and blue pumps complete the summer vibes, but then I gave it a little bit of a darker, sexier twist with some black nail polish, matching the black choker.”

Outfit 4: Little Black Minidress

Jessica crossdressing in little black dress

Jessica: “I have so many LBDs that I love, but I think I’m just super into strapless minidresses these days, so I had to pick this one! The side slit on the right leg means this little number definitely isn’t the most decent or practical! I’m firmly in the gold camp for jewelry too whenever LBDs are involved. For accessories, I’ve gone all in with double hoop earrings, a chunky chain handbag and a gorgeous little necklace.”

Outfit 5: Red Bodycon Dress

Jessica Kelly crossdressing in red bodycon dress

Jessica: “This generously donated red dress is actually a size 6, so it always makes me super happy whenever I can squeeze into it! I’m wearing my favorite black strappy platform heels to avoid the dress length from swallowing me up. Of course, as a Jess standard, there’s the usual gold jewelry and watch to cap it all off!”

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