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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Giada

My 5 Favorite Outfits and Style with GiadaStunning crossdresser Giada shares 5 of her favorite outfits/style with us.

Some words by Giada :

“Hello! This is Giada and now I’ll show you how hard it is to select only 5 outfits to share with you. 500 would’ve been easier. I’ve select something really random but at the same time I think that every dress has a story and a situation to tell.”.

Outfit No. 1

crossdresser in jeans, corset, heels
“First outfit is pretty simple: jeans, corset, heels and jewelry. Lately I prefer to dress up like that in my everyday life when it comes to go to clubs, instead of wearing dress or mini dress. Sometimes I don’t even use heels to have a total comfort. This pic is from and old Halloween night. On Halloween night girls can dress whatever they want and so I decided to be a normal 2.05 meters tall girl.”.

Outfit No. 2

“This time I was whit a friend of mine in Milan (far from my home) so I decided to have all spotlights on me wearing a shiny short dress, high heels and showing my long legs. Nails and some jewelry completed the outfit. I also had a red bow on my head to be even more eye-catching. Evening was fun and I think I went back there a few months later.”.

Outfit No. 3

crossdresser in blue dress
“Every girl should have a little black dress, in my case I have many colors, even blue. One thing I love about dressing up is the ability to use hip padding. I love the feminine hourglass figure. This dress is very elegant and I think with blonde hair and strong makeup it looks almost perfect. I also always use nails. I feel like a woman only when I wear nails.”.

Outfit No. 4

“Who doesn’t like to be provocative? A short leopard print dress with all the shapes in full view. The story of this dress is funny, I bought it specifically to go out with a friend of mine but at the last moment we opted for a fancy evening dress because we felt too provocative dressed like that. However, I love taking pictures of myself when I feel so confident. So I haven’t used this dress for going out yet, only privately, but it makes me feel powerful, beautiful and terribly sexy.”

Outfit No. 5

crossdresser in gown
“This green evening dress I think is the most beautiful dress I have and the one that fits me better. People who comment on my photos call me a goddess if I dress like this. The night we wanted to go out in the leopard dress then we opted for this dress because we decided to go have dinner in a really elegant restaurant. The evening was beautiful because in addition of being over 6 feet tall, everyone complimented me and my friend the whole time.”.

“In the end, I think some people will like these clothes and others will not.
Some may think I am too flashy and out of place. The truth is that if we are respectful, we can dress the way we want the most. I am not the queen of fashion and I don’t claim to be. I certainly enjoy taking pictures of myself and being vain. I like to crossdress in all possible styles and I will do that as long as I feel like it. I hope I have entertained you happily in these few minutes.
A kiss.” – Giada

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  1. Gorgeous outfits.

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