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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Emily Florence

My 5 favorite outfits & style with crossdresser Emily FlorenceFabulous crossdresser Emily Florence from California, USA,  share 5 of her favorite outfits/style with us.

Here is 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Emily Florence

Number 1: Red Pleather DressCrossdresser Emily Florence in red dress

Emily: “The dark red shiny dress really sticks out for me on this one, coupled with the opaque pantyhose the platform patent heels, and that hair that I really love. I am a sucker for blondes but I think what I like most about this style are the colors as you go down. We start with light blonde hair to highly the face as we move down to a dark red dress and continue to the black pantyhose and heels.”

Number 2: The Black DressEmily crossdressing in black dress and high heels

Emily: “The LBD never disappoints, pair it with some jet black pantyhose and you have a recipe for success. I have to have a black mini dress in my top 5 I think it’s almost mandatory. They look great for any event and aren’t loud like much brighter colors. It also screams seductive and elegant and that is something I really enjoyed about this shoot. The all-black look is almost always a winner.”

Number 3: The Blue DressCrossdresser Emily in mini blue dress and high heels

Emily: “There is something about the blue dress combo with blonde hair that I really really love, and this outfit clearly shows it. I am also a huge fan of anything mesh and the mesh top on this dress or any dress for that matter automatically catches my eye, it also helps that blue is my favorite color too and the blue on this dress just seems to pop. This definitely has to be in my top 5 again another bodycon dress.”

Number 4: Brow Top & Black Skirt outfitEmily in mini skirt and heels

Emily: “This shoot I really enjoyed doing, I think my favorite things to wear when dressing up are things that hug the body really nicely and this lace bodysuit and black miniskirt combo were absolutely amazing to wear. I added a purse as the story behind this shoot was that I had just gotten home from work and was ready to relax. Yes, the outfit might be a bit too risky for most jobs but let’s just look past that haha.”

Number 5: The School Girl OutfitEmily crossdressing as school girl

Emily: “I love doing costumes and unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to do many of them but this was by far the favorite of the few costumes I have shot. I think a lot of it has to do with how much time and thought I put into this shoot which makes it one of my favorites. I think the “school girl” look is a very popular one and it can easily fall into the realm of trashy but I really liked how this one came out in being as much a tease as it was a great shoot altogether.”

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