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My 5 Favorite Outfits / Style with Amelia Walker

favorite crossdressing outfitsBeautiful and Stylish crossdresser Amelia Walker shares her 5 most favorite outfits & style ideas.

Outfit no. 1

hot crossdresser in leather pants
“Red and black always go well together, and this is also the case with this outfit. I love the tight fit so you can see my figure and the shiny vinyl pants really do something good for the outfit. Top it off with a nice belt and some high stilettos and voila.. a cheeky but also stylish outfit.”. – Amelia

Outfit no. 2

hot crossdresser
“White on white outfit is a daring outfit and not just because it easily gets dirty, but because it also just screams here I am! And with some silver jewelry, and a Louis Vuitton belt that highlights the waist you have a perfect summer/spring outfit. I just love how clean it looks.”.   – Amelia

Outfit no. 3

stylish crossdresser
“I just love the office look, and with this outfit no one is in doubt who’s the boss! The beige skirt and white shirt complements each other and with a wide waist belt to clean it up and show the waist off, everyone is going to look.
And with some sexy lingerie to show off when needed is just icing on the cake.”. – Amelia

Outfit no. 4

man to woman transformation
“A nice summer/office outfit. You can’t go wrong with a tight fitting black skirt, couple it with a silk shirt or something like that and you are already a bombshell. Throw on a wide waist belt and some stilettos and a simple but sexy outfit is born.”. – Amelia

Outfit no. 5

crossdresser in dress and heels
“A simple yet effective outfit if you want attention. Just love the simplicity, a short dress a waist belt and some stilettos, and viola.. perfection. And don’t forget the cute underwear if someone should take a peek.”. – Amelia

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  1. Muy sencillo pero elegante, femenino,sensual colección.

  2. Looking good girl. Hot, hot, hot

  3. Beautiful!!! She and her oufits!! Thanks to show them us!!

  4. So nice that you can even fall in love with him.

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