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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Forms

FAQ about breast forms

How do I choose a Breast Form?

Determining which breast form is the best fit for you mainly comes down to your body type and personal preference. Breast Forms come in a wide variety of styles, quality, shapes, and materials to suit your needs.

The size of the breast forms suitable for you can be determined by factors such as your body shape and size, type of clothes you will be wearing, and your intended objective when dressing.

If you wish to go for a natural look, select breast forms which are proportional to your actual body size. If you purchase breast forms too big for your frame then you  might have an odd body proportion that looks very unnatural and also fitting into outfits could be a problem. Correct body measurements are essential to get the right size of breast forms.

For a complete guide, visit: How to choose the right breast form for you

How long can you wear breast forms?

Depending on the build quality and material used, breast forms can be worn for a couple of hours to even up to 24 hours or more.  Premium breast forms like the Aphrodite Breast Forms can be worn comfortably for 24 hours or more and is also safe to sleep in.

How to choose breast form size?

You can determine the right breast forms size for yourself with the help of your bra band size and your cup size. Also, Breast form companies like The Breast Form Store have their own sizing charts that will help you  find your perfect pair of breast forms.

More Info: https://thebreastformstore.com/fitting-breastforms.aspx

How to find your bra band size?

A correct bra band size is essential so that your bra fits well and insures that the corresponding breast forms you choose will be sized to your expectations.

how to measure bra band size

To take the bra band measurement, measure around your chest 2  inches below your nipple. This is where your bra band should naturally sit. Band sizes come in even numbers, so if you find you measure at an odd number, go up or down one size whichever is closer to an even number.

How to find your cup size?

You will need two things to find your cup size – your bra band size and your bust size.

To find out your bust size – Use a tape, measure directly across your nipples. Extend the tape from your chest, keeping it in line with your nipples this time. Extend as far as you would like your bust size to be. To find the correct bust size, girls/women will place the tape around the fullest part of their bust.

how to measure bust size

Now, subtract the band size from your bust size to find the right cup size. That number determines your cup size. Every inch equals one cup size up, from an A to an H.

Find your cup size

Are there problems buying Chinese breast forms?

Many breast form manufacturers from China advertise their products to be high quality, but in reality, these breast forms are actually made from low grade materials and are also poorly designed.

You can buy cheap breast forms made in china but these breast forms offer a very poor user experience. These products are not long lasting and warranties due to wear and tear (breakage) might not be covered too. Also, most breast forms manufactured in China are made from silicone that is not medical grade silicone and is quite rubbery which does not have the same life-like bounce as high-quality breast form.

What are the things to be considered when shopping for breast forms online?

Shopping for breast forms is no different than shopping for any other product over the internet. So, there are certain precautions you should take before making a purchase online.

buy breast forms online

Check these details to ensure a good buy:
– Product description with relevant product images.
– Seller/Brand history – How established is the seller/brand?
– Do they offer warranty on their products?
– Does the shop/seller have return policy in case you need to return the product?
– Check for Customer Reviews/Testimonials in the website as well as in different online forums if possible.
– Compare products from different sellers to ensure the best price.
– Does the business have a retail store(s)?
– Does the seller/shop have customer service/ telephone no?

What’s the difference between Premium and Cheap Quality Breast Forms?

There are quite a lot of differences between premium quality and cheap quality breast forms. The most significant difference is the build quality, material used, attention to detail, and manufacturing process.

Cheap breast forms (Left) vs Premium breast forms (Right)

Premium breast forms are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone and the build quality is far superior to cheap breast forms. Premium Breast forms also offer a very realistic feel and appearance. They have a natural bounce & feel quite similar to real breasts and they also tend to be more comfortable to wear.

How can you be sure you are getting a pair of premium silicone breast forms?

Premium breast forms are usually sold by renowned brands or store and come in a nice package which also includes a storage box. These breast forms are costly but pack in a lot more features compared to normal breast forms like high-grade silicone material, Naturally weighted design, Realistic looking nipples & areola, Make-up safe design, etc. These breast forms have a very realistic appearance & feel as well as natural bounce & movement.

Aphrodite Breast Forms

Aphrodite Breast Forms with box

How can I get cleavage that looks real using breast forms?

The best option in this case, would be to get yourself a breastplate like the Athena Breastplate. The breasts are attached to a single plate of a wearable silicone cover which makes the breasts look more natural in appearance and you will have a nice cleavage to show off.
breastplate for crossdressers
While wearing a breastplate, you will have a line where your neck and the plate meet.  In some cases, the neckline of the breastplate will go all the way up to the top of the neck which hides the line in a much better style. You can use makeup, scarf, necklace, or choker to cover the neckline.

Should I buy cheap breast forms from Chinese Manufacturers?

Cheap breast forms from Chinese manufacturers can be an affordable option but the Chinese manufactured forms tend to be less consistent with regards to the texture, color, softness, and quality of the finish on areas like the seams/edges. Also, these breast forms have a tendency to degrade over time and lose their original color & shape.

If you don’t want to invest lots of money on breast forms, especially if it’s your first pair then it can be a good choice but if you are looking for something long term and quality is your top priority, then you should definitely buy breast forms from more renowned brands like The Breast Form Store.

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms

Breast forms like the AMOLUX Diamond Self-Adhering Breast Forms or the AMOLUX Ruby Attachable Breast Forms offer unmatched build quality and femme experience that you will never get from cheap breast forms.

What other things should I consider while buying Breast Forms?

Apart from the build quality and material used, other things to consider are to select the color of the forms that match your skin tone, the weight of the breast forms, and any additional features that are present.

When buying breast forms, it is highly recommended to invest in good quality breast forms like the Aphrodite Breast Forms which offer the best value for money and also comes with many incredible features like – made from Lifelike silicone skin which is very realistic to touch and feel, natural bounce & movement, attachable, make-up safe design, safe to sleep in  and a lot more.

Check out the Aphrodite Breast Forms in the following locations:

How to keep Breast Forms in place?

Wearing the correct size bra with good front coverage can help to keep the breast forms in place. Breast forms like the Aphrodite breast forms or  AMOLUX Diamond breast forms have self-adhering backside with a built-in adhesive that’s easy to stick to your body and always keeps them in place with a bit of support.

What are foam breast forms?

Foam breast form has a foam insert to maintain the shape of the form, which is filled with soft, fluffy fiberfill.

Fiberfill Breast forms

Foam Breast forms

Foam breast forms are suitable for those who are looking for something more low cost & affordable. Foam forms are easier to wear, lighter than silicone breast forms and easy to maintain.

What is the best type of bra for breast forms?

Generally, all types of bra work fine with breast forms, given that you are wearing the correct bra size and have good support. There are also breast form bras available in the market which has a build-in compartment in each cup to help keep the breast forms in place. If you want the feeling of added support while wearing your breast forms, breast form bra is a good option.

breast form bras

Breast Form Bra

Can you sleep with breast forms?

Most of the silicone breast forms are not sleep-friendly. They can tear or puncture when pressure is being applied to them.  However, breast forms like the Aphrodite breast forms have a Unique “no-membrane” skin, meaning it cannot burst, making Aphrodite breast forms, one of the very few silicone breast forms that are safe to sleep in.

How do I care for my breast form?

You can use water & mild soap to clean the breast forms and dry them gently. Make sure you don’t bring sharp objects or sharp jewelry/pins in contact with the breast forms because they can tear or puncture the forms. To protect and maintain the shape of your breast form, always store it back in its box.

Where to shop for the best privacy protection as I don’t want my email address or anyone to find out about me being a crossdresser?

The Breast Form Store has been serving the crossdressing and trans community for more than 25 years. No doubt, they also have one of the best privacy protection for their customers.

They provide a guarantee that your personal information will never be used without your permission. They will send your purchases in discreet plain wrapping that does not list the contents of the package. After making a purchase, your credit card statement will NOT show “The Breast Form Store” for privacy reasons. 

For more information, Visit:  https://thebreastformstore.com/guarantee.aspx

The Breast Form Store have locations in –

    1. Canada – Head Office / Distribution Office
    2. United States – thebreastformstore.com
    3. United Kingdom – thebreastformstore.co.uk – Distribution Office
    4. European Union – thebreastformstore.de – Distribution Office (JUST LAUNCHED February 14th, 2021) Shipping directly from Munich Germany with customer support.
    5. Japan – thebreastformstore.jp – Distribution Office
    6. Australia – thebreastformstore.com.au – Distribution Office
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  1. Is there any way to repair a silicone breast form? One of mine has a small cut in it and a tiny amount of sticky silicone comes out every time I wear them and I want to fix it before it gets worse.

    1. You should try asking the manufacturer who you brought it from.

  2. Depending on the breast form you may not be totally out of luck. I had a boob that got a small tear in it, complements of my cat. It was in a not visible area, so I just used a really good flexible band-aid and that worked for the rest of its life. As always, contact the maker of the breast form. Before applying the bandage you want to clean the area really good with a cleaner so there is no oil or residue from the leak. Best of luck.

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