Matilda Riggs

crossdresser Matilda-Riggs

Femme Name: Matilda Riggs

Location: North East England

How long have you been Crossdressing: ” I have been dressing roughly 9 years on and off. However, since finishing University in 2017, I have been taking it more seriously with makeup and a broad range of styles.”

Say Something About your Crossdressing: “So far my crossdressing experience has been a great journey filled with many happy memories of the friends I have made along the way.”

Reason you Crossdress: “I like being stylish and women’s fashion has so many options compared to men’s fashion. To put it simply, men’s fashion is boring and I give very little thought to what I wear day to day.

On the flip side, every detail is carefully though out when choosing a feminine outfit. I take more pride in it. Secondly, I have come to the realization along the way that my crossdressing is much more closely linked to my gender identity and thus I identify as genderfluid.”

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crossdresser Matilda-Riggs

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  1. Hi Matilda

    You look really pretty babe.

    Feel free to say hello some time, I am in the UK also. x

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