Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Real-Life Disney Princess

guy transforms into disney princess

Makeup artist Richard Schaefer is quite popular for his transformation into Disney Princesses. Even though he is actually a guy, his makeup transformations are so convincing that many people actually think he is really a beautiful girl.

Richard Schaefer says that he was a Disney fan from an early age and his interest in costumes and characters grew quite a lot. He was often bullied a lot in school and he started to create clothing and work on his makeup skills. He started to cosplay as princesses and slowly began to work more on his transformations.

Richard now has a large collection of costumes and wigs that he uses to cosplay as famous Disney princesses like Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and many more characters.

It takes Richard more than 2 hours of preparation to transform himself into a beautiful princess. Over time, he has gained a massive followers for his amazing makeup skills and transformation skills. His transformations are very convincing and admired by his followers.

Richard Schaefer

Here are some of his amazing transformations into Disney’s Princesses.

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