Lori Luvz

crossdresser Lori Luvz
Name: Lori Luvz

▶ Location: USA. (WI)

How long you have been crossdressing: Been dressing since early teens. Started with my mother’s nylons and girdles, shoes and then moved on to my sister’s closet for skirts and dresses. Now, 50 years later I have my own closets full of Lori’s very own feminine attire.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Guess my favorite experiences now are going to makeup artists for professional care and then going out to clubs with other girls. Las Vegas is my most traveled fun city to enjoy Lori times.

Reason you crossdress: Crossdressing gives me the time I need to really be who I was meant to be. I just love everything feminine and beautiful… admire gorgeous women so much that I want to try to be one.

It is an escape from every normal days routine. Being single I am able to dress often but love traveling to the bigger cities where dressing is more common and accepted.

Things you like to do after dressing up:  After full makeovers and getting dressed in my favorite short outfits and heels, going out as Lori is my most cherished times…can not get enough Lori time. As most girls, taking fun photos is a must to remember those special feminine moments.

 Photo Gallery:

crossdresser in mini skirt

crossdressing in public

man to woman transformation

mature crossdresser crossdresser Lori Luvz

crossdresser in red dress

crossdresser photoshoot

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  1. Stunning!

  2. Hi Lori! You’re stunning beautiful 😍😍 I’m single too. I would like to take you out on a date, mid 50s in Illinois. You’re so cute 🥰

  3. Hi Lori! You are a wonderful grown woman, not a little girl. That’s why I fell in love with you. You have been very successful in finding your femininity by dressing stylishly and putting on beautiful make-up. In addition, you have very beautiful legs, which are even more accentuated in high heels.

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