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List of Crossdressing and Makeover Services Studio !

list of crossdressing services & studio

With the significant rise in numbers of crossdressers and MTF transgender women , many crossdressing and makeover services studio are also on the rise. With many makeover studios now focusing on audience who are seeking male to female makeover & complete feminization services.

We have created a list of  crossdressing studios which specializes in male to female makeover services and male to female dressing services from around the world. Since, these studios also offer complete discreet makeover services, its a great opportunity for  crossdressers & MTF trans girls  to take their looks & dressing experience to a whole new level.

Here is the list of Crossdressing and Makeover Services !

No.1. Boys Will Be Girls

boys will be girls dressing service

Boys Will Be Girls dressing service is a high quality and discreet cross-dressing service in London, UK.. (Read more..)

No.2. Dafni Girls

Dafni girls crossdressing service

DAFNI GIRLS is a Makeover Studio in Madrid & Valencia, Spain dedicated to the world of Crossdressing where professionals will help you experience the feeling of being a woman in a cozy, private and safe place.. (Read more..)

No.3. Queerpoint Makeover Studio.

Queerpoint Crossdressing Makeover Studio

QUEERPOINT Studio is an amazing makeover studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which specializes in Crossdressing & Gender Transformation services.. (Read more..)

No.4. M2Fantasy

m2fantasy crossdressing service
M2Fantasy Makeovers is a Crossdressing Makeover Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA which offers lovely feminization services.. (Read More)

No.5. Chateau Femme

chateaufemme crossdressing service

ChateauFemme is a Premier Dressing Service located based in Dorset on the South Coast of England. They offer dressing & makeover services exclusively to Crossdressers, Transvestites & Trans women.. (Read more)

No.6. Femesque

Femesque crossdressing studio

Femesque is a exclusive dressing studio in Aldershot, Hampshire, UK and is known for their excellence and experience in male to female transformations.. (Read More)

No.7. The Crossdressing Services

The Crossdressing Services in UK
The Crossdressing Services in Huddersfield, Yorkshire is the UK’s premier Crossdressing Service and dressing company for people presenting as male who wish to present as female.. (Read more)

No.8. Nouveau She – by Monica Prata

Nouveau She

Nouveau She is a fabulous makeover studio in New York, USA run by Monica Prata. She is a Feminine Image Consultant for those who are transgender, transitioning or exploring gender fluidity.. (Read more)

No.9. My Changing Room – by Natasha Savoy

My Changing Room
My Changing Room is focused on feminine transformations in the Boston, MA area since 1996. They offer complete transformation experience in a discreet and whimsical setting, perfect for fulfilling your femme fantasies.. (Read More)

Other Mentions..

Suzie’s Dressing Service
Location: Dublin City Centre

Irish Fashion T Girls
Location: Dublin

Gloss Makeover Studio
Location: Hong Kong

Ms Lola Dressing Service
Location: London, UK

Antonia Wood
Location: London, UK

Boudoir Dressing Service
Location: London, UK

Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor

Location: Takoma Park, MD, minutes from Washington, DC, USA

My Changing Room
Location: BOSTON, MA , USA

TG Miss
Location: Chicago and Milwaukee, USA.

Trans Spa
Location: 1634 Pulaski Hwy, Havre de Grace, MD 21078, USA

La Femme Mystique
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Glamour Boutique (Fairfield, NJ)
Website –

True Colors Makeup Artistry (Bethlehem, PA)
Website –

Transitions Makeup and Photo (Los Angeles, CA)
Website –

My Changing Room (Boston, MA)
Website –

Just You (Las Vegas, NV)
Website –

Scarlett’s Makeovers (Thompson, CT)
Website –

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  1. Any in Australa ?

    1. There is a studio on the Gold Coast called House of Transformation, operated by Arpi. It has been running for quite a few years, and has many repeat clients. I personally can speak from experience, the service provided by Arpi is fantastic.

  2. Im ashamed to ask but…. Anything in New Zealand???

    1. Is there a studio anywhere between Denver, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming?

      1. Studio lights in Denver Colorado they will do a full makeover with you over there and they are fully supplied store

  3. can you help me please?
    what address in gold coast?

  4. Anything in canada

    1. Jamie in Toronto, google you’ll find the web site

  5. Any in Greece pls !

  6. Anyplace or anyone doing makeovers in Houston…

  7. There is also a service for crossdressers / TV / TS in Germany 🙂

  8. Imali gdje u Hrvatskoj

    1. Ima u Njemačkoj u blizini Bodensea,

      1. Blize negdje?

    2. Blize negdje?

  9. Looking for a full makeover service and photography session in the Toronto Canada area.

  10. Hi…everyone…I am looking for my self turn into male to female…I needed help with make over in south bend, INDIANA area…would you suggest if anyone available in this area?

  11. Hi – thanks for putting this list together. Any services in Milan.

  12. I had a wonderful experience with Amy at “Just You” in Las Vegas (it is listed here). Just a testimonial from someone with first-had experience. – Jen


  14. Studio lights in Denver Colorado will do full makeover and they have a photo studio and a fully stocked clothing line with everything needed to make you look beautiful

  15. Any makeover salons in Budapest, Vienna or Prague please?

  16. Can I have a x dresser makeover I am a male x dresser texts only please reply

  17. would love any information on help becoming feminized in Indiana

  18. Any makeover salons in Budapest, Vienna, or Prague please? Thank you

    In Milan Italy. Top service.

  20. in greece please

  21. Any services in the South West of England?

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