crossdresser lisa in black dress
Name: Lisa

Location: Milano, Italy

How long you have been crossdressing: I started about 5 years ago, but only in the last 2 years it has become something that totally grabbed me. I have some memories of my childhood where I dressed up as a woman for fun, but then it ended there for many years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Crossdressing for me means entering another dimension, I’m fine as a man but when I’m Lisa I’m very happy and I feel fulfilled. Then I started going out in public recently and I must say that receiving all those compliments is really super. As a man I have never had much success with women, now I try to take some revenge!

Reason you crossdress: It’s like a drug, it makes me feel good, you know when wishes come true? I want to meet new people and friends, take advantage of my passion to travel abroad and have fun while discovering new places

Things you like doing after dressing up: I am very vain so I take a lot of selfies, especially for my social profiles. Above all trying to improve with make-up and outfit, to try to be more and more feminine.


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Crossdresser Lisa in black dress

Lisa crossdressing in black dress



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  1. Such a Very Beautiful Lady WoW 🔥🤩👸❤️👼🌹💋 Heavenly

  2. You are beautiful as a woman , I would be proud to have you next to me x

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