Femme Name: Lexi Storm

Location: Midwest/Central USA

How long have you been Crossdressing: “Since 2006. “

Say Something About your Crossdressing: ” I am a Crossdresser/Genderfluid. Throughout my experience, I’ve simply discovered my feminine self over the years through pushing the envelope on my femininity.

I don’t consider myself a person that wear girls clothes, I consider it’s to be a reflection of my other inner self. That being said, I enjoy being both a male and a female. I have met so many great people over the years online through this, and made many friends. “

Reason you Crossdress: “I do this as a release of my inner girl being hidden most of the time. I enjoy the feeling of being pretty, fun, and carefree. “

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crossdresser Lexi

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  1. Very pretty! I completely understand genderfluid feelings. I often predict that most cd’s are actually genderfluid. It starts in stages, first as a curiosity, then as a fetish, and not so eventually it becomes desired for at least 50% of one’s time because it feels normal and liberating to understand both perspectives and roles. Nice to meet you!

    1. I coincide with both of you, in having genderfluid feelings. Sometimes I really would love to be a full woman, but other time I am happy being a man with the occasional habit of dress as a woman… It comes with more or less intensity, and in cycles, but always have had the feeling…
      Nice to meet you gals, and Lexi, you look gorgeous and I love your feminine face expression and your fresh smile!

  2. Beautiful smile!

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