crossdresser in pantyhose and dress
Femme name: Lacey

Location: New York, USA

How long you have been crossdressing: Been dressing since high school, so about 7 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I was always told that I have very gender neutral facial features from an early age, therefore I was always curious as to what I would look like as a girl~ so I tried on makeup for the first time in high school and the rest is history.

Reason you crossdress: To feel feminine, to see a better version of myself, to look sexy.

Things you like doing after dressing up: Taking pics, going online chatting, and sometimes go out in public.


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crossdresser in stockings

boy to girl transformation

Asian crossdresser




Crossdresser Lacey

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  1. You are very pretty.

  2. Amazing, you should be proud of your transformation, nothing better than being true to your self

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