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Klaudia Jones – COVERGIRL of the Week (November)

Crossdresser Klaudia Jones - Covergirl

Featuring the charming & beautiful Klaudia Jones as our COVERGIRL OF THE WEEK for November. 

“Hi, I am Klaudia, a crossdresser from Athens Greece. Crossdressing came rather late in my life but nevertheless I feel that it has been a blessing. I find that clothes and makeup are the trigger to shifting personalities, to becoming a more extrovert, sensitive and easy going version of myself.

I also find that my crossdressed side is a perfectionist and will not allow myself to present unless the clothes the hair and the makeup are spot on. I am happy being who i am and have no plans of transitioning or taking it further.” 

Klaudia Jones

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Crossdresser Klaudia KlaudiaCrossdresser Klaudia Jones

Klaudia Jones Klaudia Klaudia Jones

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  1. Absolutely stunning. Well said. I’m a crossdresser in progress with the same goals like you in terms of dressing. working on improving my image as a crossdresser. Love your comments on perfection. Working to achieve the same. Great poses and pictures!

  2. Such a beautiful woman 😍😍😍🥰💖💋💋

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