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KESHA – Covergirl of the Week (April)

Crossdresser Kesha photoshoot

Featuring the stunning beauty KESHA from Russia as our Covergirl of the Week for April.

Some words by KESHA:

“I consider myself a queer person. I am crossdresser but not full time, because I live in Russia. I’m 24 years old. My work is webcam model. My hobbies are makeup, clothes design, swimming and basketball.


I do my own makeup & transformation. I have been practicing with makeup since 2016. It all started with the drag queen’s work at the club in 2016. Later, crossdressing appeared not only in work, but also in my personal life. In the future I want to make really fashionable looks. I go out in public in my femme mode only at night, and only in places where it is safe.
Never listen to haters, but always accept constructive criticism. evaluate yourself adequately. and of course, more practice.” – KESHA

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Photo Gallery: 
gorgeous crossdresser

crossdressing in sissy maid uniform

Crossdresser Kesha


Kesha Crossdressing

Crossdresser Kesha

Beautiful crossdresser Kesha

Crossdresser Kesha

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