Katrina Sapphire

crossdresser in skirt
Femme name: Katrina Sapphire

Location: New York, USA

How long you have been crossdressing: I’ve been dressing now for about 13 years

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Once I started crossdressing, I couldn’t stop. I became obsessed with looking as feminine and pretty as possible. When I bought my 1st breastplate and made my own hip pads I really felt like I had hit a good stride.

I started buying more realistic looking wigs and practiced my makeup almost everyday looking for ways to make my face look more girly. When I’m all dressed to the 9’s is when I truly feel like myself!

Reason you crossdress: I cross dress because I love the way my body moves when I have my boobs and butt on. Because I love the way my long hair gets in my face, rests on my cleavage and runs down my back. Because I love how pretty all the clothes and lingerie are and I love how they cling to my curvy body. I love the way men look at me when I go out in public. I love all of it.

Things you like doing after dressing up: Once I’m dressed up I usually start off by taking a bunch of pictures. I like to document when I’m dressed because then I can see the progress I’ve made and if I need to work on any improvements.

I’m constantly criticizing myself. But after that I like to either go for a walk somewhere quiet or go for a drive. Then I usually round out my night by making some food and watching a movie on the couch unless I have plans to meet up with a guy or go on a date or something.


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Crossdresser Katrina

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crossdresser Katrina


male to female crossdressing

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  1. I wish I was a beautiful as you.

  2. WOW.. great pics!!!

  3. You sure know how to arouse another cross dresser. Very hot!

  4. your beauty just rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am in syracuse ny.. have fun

  5. You are very BEAUTIFUL!!!!🥰🥰🥰

  6. You are so beautiful

  7. I would love to meet you. I live in Massachusetts.

  8. OMG you are so very beautiful with very seductive legs they would make any man weak. You are so amamzing wish I had somone like you in my life to pamper and spoil. my name is John if you ever wish to text my number is 631 834 4174

  9. OMG you are so very breathtaking and have the most seductive legs I would do anything for you I only wish of having someone like you in my life to pamper and spoil one in a million’

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