Crossdresser Kasia in pantyhose and heels
Femme name: Kasia

Location: Poland, Cracow

How long you have been crossdressing:  I  started at the age of 13, but so professionally for 9 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I have always been fascinated by women since I was a child. Female costumes, beauty lingerie and makeup.

When I tried on my mother’s heels for the first time at the age of 10, I fell in love with all of them and that’s how cross-dressing started for me, which has been developing for me over the years, until now.

I have been passionate about passing for 9 years, I try to look as feminine as possible when it comes to clothes and makeup. I love to be a woman, to put on my makeup and to try on shoes and clothes, I can’t imagine my life without it, I have fully accepted myself and this is part of me. I have been coming out regularly as her for 5 years and I really like it.

Reason you crossdress: Crossdressing is a lot of fun for me. I love becoming a woman because when I’m dressed and made up I feel like a woman and I act that way. Besides, creating new styles, i.e. buying shoes and clothes or underwear, is a great pleasure for me, I like it very much, I like to look in the mirror and take photos.


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Crossdresser Kasia

crossdresser in dress

cute crossdresser

crossdressing at home

crossdresser in floral dress

Crossdresser Kasia in white dress

Kasia crossdressing in black tank top


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!

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