crossdresser in boots
Name: Julia

Location: I’m French and I live in the beautiful region of Brittany.

How long you have been crossdressing: It has been 4 years since I really started this journey, I’m currently 30yo so (guess what) I started at 26yo.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Crossdressing is so amazing… To become a different person, to be able to wear sexy or cute things, to stand on high heels etc. It’s all about these amazing sensations for me.

Reason you crossdress: The main reason I crossdress now is simply to be a woman from time to time. At beginning it was more or less simply a fetish think, but as time passed, I became even more implicated in it, I developed Julia which is a huge part of me presently.

Things you like doing after dressing up: Well it takes some hours for me to dress up, so I just want to chill a bit ^^’ but as many, I enjoy look at myself back in a mirror a bit, take a few photos and many other things ;).

Your favorite outfits/ style: My favorite style is to be a classy and sexy blond young woman, I’m not in over provocative outfits, but I enjoy more original stuff from time to time (colorful wigs, crazy heels and of course latex 😉 ).


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Crossdresser Julia

french crossdresser

guy dressed as girl

crossdresser selfie

crossdressing in mini skirt and heels

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  1. I need help going out , I need friends.

    1. Je bent mooi top vindt ik je mag er zijn was ik nog maar zo oud gelijk jij en de mogelijkheid top van je moet toch goed voelen doe zo maar verder leuk

      1. Nog eens gekeken je bent mooi was ik ook nog maar dertig ik zou met jou meegaan

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