Joselyn Alegría

shy crossdresser
Femme name: Joselyn Alegría

Location: Iquique, Chile

How long you have been crossdressing: Approximately 20 years, since adolescence. And it’s been about 5 years since I began to go out and enjoy myself as a woman in public.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: It has been a long road of acceptance, internal struggle, overcoming the expectations that fall on you, something that consumes a large part of my time and energy, but it is worth every second, being able to enjoy, even if it is for moments what it is to be a woman.

I feel that life is wonderful from a female perspective, and when I can see it, feel it and live it through my eyes, I feel fulfilled. I think I have a feminine figure, I’m 1.70cm tall and I weigh 53kg, which makes me look slim and is the model of a woman I want to project.

Reason you crossdress: Because I love it, I enjoy every moment as a woman, since I was little I thought it would be cute if I had been a woman and I imagined what my life would be like that, or what it would look like. Today I can say that I am satisfied with what I have achieved and the image I manage to project, I have gone further than I ever thought, however, I want to keep moving forward and I don’t know where it ends.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: Enjoy every moment and detail of being a woman. I like taking a lot of photos, making videos, going for walks, traveling, sharing something to drink or eat, going out to a party, or having friends or romantic dates.

Your favorite outfits/style: I like to keep a jovial, elegant and sensual style. I like to wear clothes that flatter my feminine silhouette and allow me to express my femininity, and highlight my attributes. I love short dresses, mini skirts, tights and garters, high heels and boots. Accessories are something that cannot be missing for me either.

Instagram: @josy_alegria_ts

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crossdressing in public

crossdressing in public

crossdresser in public

beautiful crossdresser

man dressed as woman

crossdresser in public

cute crossdresser

guy dressed as girl

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  2. Absolutely wonderful .

  3. You look gorgeous.I have so much admiration for you.

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