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Jessica Kelly

Crossdresser Jessica Kelly

▶ Femme name: Jessica Kelly

Location: Bristol, UK

How long you have been crossdressing : About 13 years, although not with much regularity.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:  It’s genuinely still a lot of fun to do, probably because I save it for special occasions/every few months, so every time feels like an “event”. Very fortunate to have had full support from friends and family who know, although I’m basically out to everyone at this point. Been out on a few great nights out, been to a couple of amazing dressing services and I even did my first Halloween last year!

Reason you crossdress: Not really sure what exactly draws me to it. I like stepping into other people’s shoes, with acting and tabletop RPGs, and changing from a hairy nerdy dude to a feminine woman is about as far as I can visually stretch, and not look like an idiot. Plus, it’s just fun trying out new looks and pushing my skills.

Things you like to do after dressing up: I just take a gazillion pictures to mark the occasion (see my hundreds of nearly identical selfies on Facebook)! Sometimes I’ll stick a movie on, or do some housework or I’ll just keep trying on more outfits. It’s only for a few hours, but it’s always a fun time!

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Crossdresser Jessica Jessica Kelly

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