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Jessica Kelly – Covergirl of the Week (October)

Covergirl of the week crossdressingFeaturing the gorgeous and radiant crossdresser Jessica Kelly from UK as our Covergirl of the Week for October.

Some words by Jessica :

“Howdy, I’m Jess! I started crossdressing in my late teens, but it didn’t really become a big part of my life until I went to University and shared it with a few friends. As most of us experience, since then, it has been mostly on and off, depending on Life, the Universe and Everything.
Beautiful crossdresser Jessica Kelly

I don’t dress up often, but when I do, I 100% go all in and try to make the very best of it, and I always come away feeling great for weeks. Part of that “all in” approach definitely informs my outfit choices. I don’t ever really go casual, so I’m always on the lookout for amazing dresses and cool looks to try out (send me suggestions, please).

My makeup skills have come a long way too, thanks in part to some pro-makeovers I’ve had, and hours of YouTube videos watched! I’ve been out and about dressed up a few times and I think my big goal for 2022 is to get back into the swing of that.Crossdresser Jessica Kelly in black mini dress

I recently came out as a crossdresser to everyone I know in one fell swoop, so there’s no pressure to hide anything any more!  Definitely inspiring to see so many beautiful tgirls out in the real world here and online.

In my real life, I perform comedy, play bass in a band and regularly play TTRPGs with friends. All of these are actually ripe for expressing my feminine side, so look out for some on stage/fantasy pictures in the future!man dressed as woman Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support I’ve received over the years. Without this little online family of like-minded dressers, I’d have really struggled to make sense of this side of me, which I now love celebrating. To anyone who is scared to give it a go, drop me a message and I’ll tell you how wonderful crossdressing can be.” – Jessica

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Crossdresser Jessica in bodycon dress

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man to woman transformation

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