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Interview with Beautiful Crossdresser Heidi Phox

Heidi PhoxHeidi Phox is a stunning crossdresser from the United States. Heidi is one of the most popular crossdresser in YouTube and her channel is adored by many, especially from the crossdressing and trans community. She has been uploading videos since 2007 and has one of the biggest collection of videos related to crossdressing. We had a lovely opportunity to take her interview and here it is. Enjoy!

Q) Hi Heidi, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to take your interview. Tell us a bit about yourself, your favorite hobbies/interest & where you are from?:

Heidi: I am a happily married crossdresser with a mostly-supportive wife living in Utah. I am generally like most guys that like to hike and watch football. I also love to country line dance and although I mostly do that in guy mode I love to do that as Heidi when I can.

Crossdresser Heidi

Q) How did you get started with crossdressing?

Heidi: I’ve been interested in that since I was little. I sometimes would fake being sick in order to stay home from school to try on my sisters’ and mom’s clothes.

Q) You look amazing, what’s the secret of your beauty?

Heidi: Well thank you. I think my secret is that I take a ton of photos in different poses and lighting and by virtue of sheer volume there are bound to be some good ones.

Q) How often do you crossdress nowadays?

Heidi: About twice a month. I try to do it when everyone is at work or something so that I am not missing any family time.

Q) What type of activities do you prefer after getting dressed? anything particular?

Heidi: Line dancing is my favorite. I know a lot of dances and it’s a fun challenge to do them with a feminine flare. I also like to go to iconic places and be a “tourist” as a girl.


Q) Could you share one of your best memory/moment from your crossdressing journey?

Heidi: I went to a club once for dinner and dancing with girlfriends. Unfortunately, there was a couples’ swing dance lesson starting so the floor was reserved. One of the girls’ and I decided to join the lesson. There were about 20 men and including my friend and I about 20 women.

The men paired up with a woman and did the move according to the instructors direction. After a minute the men would rotate to the next girl and practice the move again. For an hour we rotated around through the guys several times learning new moves. All of the men were very polite and it was a lot of fun. After the lesson was over one man, who at first I thought was irritated at having to dance with Cd’s, asked me to dance some more. That was a fun night.

Q) Your YouTube channel is amazing. It is quite popular among crossdressers & admirers. Tell us how you got started with YouTube?

Heidi: Trying to look feminine in a still picture is one thing. Looking good in 3-d with movement is another thing. I started posting on YouTube to get feedback and try to be more objective in viewing how I walk and move. And eventually how to speak. That might be the hardest thing I’ve ever tried.

Crossdresser Heidi Phox

Q) Your videos are so helpful & entertaining. You must receive so many messages and questions from people around the world. What’s the most asked question to you?

Heidi: Definitely the most asked question is where I get my clothes. I have been able to accumulate quite a wardrobe shopping at thrift stores. I go with my wife (as husband and wife) and we ‘treasure hunt”.

Heidi Phox crossdressing in white skirt

Q) How was your first experience of stepping out in public?

Heidi: Not good. I was nervous and it made me stick out like a sore thumb. A year later I decided I wasn’t going to let fear of others ruin my time out and I faked pure confidence. It made a huge difference and now I have gone out to all sorts of places.

Q) Have you come out to your friends and family as a crossdresser? If yes, how difficult was that for you?

Heidi: I came out to a friend and it seemed ok at first. But then when there was some discord between our families it was unnecessarily thrown in my face. I came out to my kids because of that, unsure if the friend was planning to out me out of spite. They took it well and it seems to be going well but it’s probably too early to say for sure.

Q) Who is/are your female role model(s)?

Heidi: Julie Bowen the actress from Modern Family. Or at least her character. She looks good dressed up or casual and has an athletic build.

Q) What are some of your favorite outfits/styles?

Heidi: I love trying new things but generally thing skinny jeans and a trendy top is my best look. Of course I like dresses and heels. A wrap dress is most flattering and I love to have my painted toenails showing trough open toed heels.

Heidi Phox in mini dress and heels

Q) What the most common mistake that many crossdressers usually make in your view?

Heidi: That’s hard to say because if they feel good about it then good for them. But in public, anyways, I think often CD’s don’t dress appropriately for the circumstances usually getting way too overdressed.

Q) Lastly, any tips or advice you would like to share for crossdressers?

Heidi: I know a lot of CD’s would love to go out in public but are too scared. I say to just do it. Be confident, smile, and act like you have a right to be there. Because you do!

Heidi Phox crossdressing in Public

Follow Heidi Phox on:

Website: www.heidiphox com

YouTube Channel: heidiphox100

Flickr: Heidi Phox Flickr

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  1. I love that story can you send me the youtube link please ,I am older CD but I am a stage in life where I need to get away and meet others.I am planning on going to Rome for a week so here is hoping it works out /


  2. Thanks for the wonderful interview! I knew about Heidi in this website, and since them I have been following her through her Youtube channel… Her videos are wonderful and she is absolutely gorgeous, fun, and looks like an awesome person… Definitely an inspiration for many of us!

  3. How long does it take you to get dressed as Heidi?

  4. Hello. We have had a brief conversation once before. You were so very cordial and considerate to me. I am wondering if you remember me ? I said that “you are amazing, you are soooo female!” You take my breath away!!! We talked about my embarrassment of being seen dressed like a woman. I always do this in secret at home. The reason I am reaching out to you is because I am searching for someone like you to correspond with and share ideas/experiences with. I am NOT looking for sex !!! I am only looking for an online friend. I am hoping we can have a website that we can use in total privacy to communicate with. Please tell me if /where there is one that we can use. Sincerely, “The Bobcat (bobcatcdroms@hotmail.com)

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