Interview with Gorgeous Crossdresser Julia

Crossdresser JuliaInterview with gorgeous crossdresser Julia from midlands, UK.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies/interest &where you are from?
Julia: I am from England in the UK, so have traveled around the world living in multiple countries, such as America, Australia, South East Asia, and visited a lot more! I love to read, look after my animals, stay out of the sun (us redheads are allergic to it) and bake/ cook ALL of the foods!

Q. How did you get started with crossdressing?
Julia: I’m a very curious person, love learning new things and also like putting myself into people’s shoes (literally and metaphorically), to understand them, as knowledge is power! With crossdressing it also came about as I was born with a skeletal defect, that when I reached 12 or so, resulted in me developing feminine hips, that planted an idea of, perhaps I was meant to be a girl? Whilst these days I have no plans to transition, it is a occasional pleasure, becoming someone else for a day!male to female transformation

Q. What are the challenges you have faced as a crossdresser?
Julia: Like most dressers I started whilst living with my family, so trying to justify mysterious packages being delivered, and also borrowing there clothes (something I’m not proud of, I bought my own as soon as I could) was tricky! I am lucky in that I have never had any negative experiences, no one putting me down, or discouraging me from dressing, so barr the process of getting ready, have had very little “challenges”.

Q. What are the things that you really enjoy being a crosdresser?
Julia: Like I said before, I love to learn new things, and expand my knowledge base, crossdressing comes with it’s own set of skills to master! I also find the transformation process therapeutic, a form of self care. Becoming someone else for a day is also very freeing, you get to leave your regular worries behind you for a time! Finally there is a small part of me that enjoys the attention I get, and the vanity of looking pretty!crossdresser getting ready

Q. How often do you dress up now and tell us about your transformation/ makeover process?
Julia: I find women’s clothes a lot more varied than men’s, different styles and shapes, so will dress around my living space quite frequently. Makeup is proving challenging, and takes a long time to do so it’s rare that I will go full femme. If I’ll planning a day out it normally starts a week or so in advance. I will go get myself partly waxed (as it’s a big expense, but worth it), shave the rest of me in stages, and then go to a pre booked makeup artist/ dressing service, most of the time now, bringing my own clothes/ wigs, and shapewear.

Q. Where do you buy your clothes and makeup from?
Julia: 90% of my clothes have come from eBay. You can get some really good deals, and whilst sizing was initially tricky, I’ve reached a stage where I’m confident of my measurements, and how they transpose into sizes. I still get the odd thing that’s too big/ small, but that’s ok, as I can always pass it on!

Makeup is a completely different thing, and I always have bought it in person, after trying to do it online and having many expensive disasters! Any good makeup store will be happy to help you, you after all are a client, and spending money there, and they give you great advice about products to suit your age/ skin type, and budget!male to female makeover

Q. What type of activities do you prefer to do after getting dressed?
Julia: I’m an early riser by nature, which means I also go to bed quite early. Nighttime events such as clubbing/ dancing have never really appealed to me, in girl mode it may have a certain novelty factor, and I might try it one day, but whenever I’ve been made up in the past, I’ve tried on clothes (which I totally understand now is fun), socialized, or just done normal things, like going to museums, or just wandering around, taking in sights.

8. Have you went out in public in your femme self?  If yes can you share your experience about going out in public and being dressed feminine in front of other people?
Julia: As you’ve gathered from the previous questions, I’ve been out loads of times! Always in the day, and I’ve never had a problem! Most people don’t even notice, they are to wrapped up in their own thoughts. I’ve had people give me looks, both admiring and perhaps confusion, but never a bad word spoken. I also get the chivalric men opening doors for me, also getting out of my way, which I never thought I would like, but is quite interesting!

I would also say when I got out in public I’ve always dressed quite demurely, maybe a bit of leg or chest but no short dresses, as I do sadly think that some types of clothes invite negative experiences. It shouldn’t be like that, anyone should be free to wear what they like without fear or rebuke/ confrontation, but we as a society haven’t reached that stage of acceptance.cute crossdresser

Q. Any particular story or experience you would like to share about yourself and your crossdressing journey?
Julia: One funny story was when I was rooting through a charity shops clothing section in male mode (always a worthwhile experience, it’s a win win in that you get cheap stuff, whilst supporting a charity) and came across a dress I took a fancy too. I went up and paid, spinning a story about how my other half (technically the truth) wanted me to buy this for them, following with the wise crack of “it wouldn’t be any good to me”!

The cashier gave me a look up and down and said “oh I don’t know, I think you could pull it off”. We both laughed and I went to move out of the guys way behind me, whilst I packed it into a bag. The cashier then said to the man “are these purchases for your other half as well”? In a joking manner. He than straight faced said, “oh no, they are for me”. That was such a great experience for me, as this was an older man, who had no qualms about being completely up front, as well as me realizing that people can be so understanding and accepting!crossdresser makeoverQ. Have you come out to your friends and family as a crossdresser? If yes, how hard was it for you?
Julia: I have never come out to my family, although I’m pretty sure they know about it, and have dropped hints that they are ok with it. I wouldn’t like them to as this is a very personal thing for me, that I would feel uncomfortable sharing with others, unless I knew they were going to be accepting, but at the same time not get involved. I have made many CD/Genderfluid/ trans friends, and I freely discuss things with them because they are either in the same boat, or have experience or it, and that’s good enough for me!

Q. What are some of your favorite outfits/ styles?
Julia: Initially I went through a stage purely buying dresses, and skirts, as they were so enticing men never getting to wear them. Now I have a healthy collection of all sorts of things, and quite a few unisex items, that Jules and my male half can wear. I do tend to go for more of a vintage/ old fashioned look, but occasionally dabble into modern styles.
crossdresser in red dress and boots

Q. Lastly any tips or advice you would like to give to crossdressers who are just starting out?
Julia: Firstly, welcome! You are joining a fantastic community, that is so diverse and wonderful that anyone and everyone can fit in! Admittedly some bits might not be for you, as this can carry on into BDSM, or fetishes, or if that floats your boat, you will have others that are into other things you don’t like. My advice would be to experiment, have a go and do your research if you can.

There are plenty of places to help you out, sites such are tvchix, or dressing services that can give you a taste of what it’s like to be enfemme. Like anything finding friends is also important, people that can help you, but also people you can talk to about these things. I would also strongly advise to tell any partners or spouses if you find this is something you want to do on the regular. Keeping this a secret will always end up harming your relationship one way of the other.
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  1. Julia is a beautiful looking women & I enjoyed her story, good luck with all

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