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Interview with Dafni Cocó – Founder of Dafni Girls Crossdressing Studio

Dafni Cocó - Founder of Dafni Girls

We had a lovely opportunity to interview the gorgeous & charming Dafni Cocó, Founder of Dafni Girls which is a Crossdressing studio in Madrid and Valencia. Here is the special interview with Dafni.

Q) Hi Dafni, Thank you so much for letting us take your interview. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

DAFNI: My name is Dafni Cocó, I was born in Barcelona in 1985, I am a stylist, makeup artist and photographer. I dedicated my studies to everything related to image and beauty. I am passionate about fashion and art, and I consider myself a motivating and entrepreneurial person who likes to achieve her dreams, wanting them and loving them. I love living, enjoying and savoring the great pleasures that life gives us.

Dafni Cocó

Q) Tell us about Dafni Girls and what led you to open Dafni Girls?

DAFNI: Dafni Girls studios are spaces located in Madrid and Valencia, Spain, and they are dedicated to the world of crossdressing and the feminization of men to women.

One beautiful spring of 2011, I met the first crossdresser, I offered her my make-up and image consulting services, and that’s where it all started. Over the years many people from this world contacted me for their feminizations and in 2015 I decided to create my first salon in Madrid, followed by Valencia in 2019.Dafni Girls Crossdressing Services

Q) What kind of services are offered in your studio?

DAFNI: The services we offer are feminization, accompaniment and coaching services so that people who wish to live their femininity, can do so in a safe place and with all the facilities. We make photographic books, advice of all kinds, makeup, makeovers with costumes and a wide range of products that you can buy in our online store.

Dafni Girls

Q) What has been your experience so far working with the Crossdressing & Trans community?

DAFNI: My experience in the crossdressing and trans world has always been very satisfying. Being able to collaborate in the happiness of so many people, make dreams come true and accompany them to live their long-awaited path is what makes today my happiness and my life. That is why I chose to dedicate my days to providing thousands of facilities to achieve it, and being able to do it through my knowledge and my gifts, has been and is, the most comforting and valuable thing that I can have.

Dafni Cocó - Dafni Girls Crossdressing Studio

Q) Any challenges you have faced while catering to the Crossdressing & Trans community?

DAFNI: From the first moment everything was very easy and beautiful to be able to empathize with this philosophy of life and to be able to achieve everything they wanted. Simply enjoying and improving my services and my own knowledge every day.

Dafni Coco

Q) Which is the most requested service from crossdressers at Dafni Girls?

DAFNI: The most requested service is the complete transformation from man to woman, to be able to see the woman so desired in the mirror.

Q) What advice would you give to Crossdressers who are shy and have never have tried a crossdressing service?

DAFNI: I would tell them the same thing that I tell myself every day, we have come to enjoy everything that makes us happy. Being able to overcome fears and create well-being for ourselves is essential to continue living.

Femininity is a part of our interior, and being able to externalize it, even once in a lifetime, is fascinating. We do not lose anything and instead, we gain a lot of happiness.

Dafni Cocó - Dafni Girls

Q) What is the most common mistake that you see crossdressers doing in your opinion?

DAFNI: The exaggeration of the feminine, and falling into the vulgar. Wearing many accessories, and clothing that is sometimes not well seen and does not favor the body. In other words, falling into the “inelegant”.

Q) What is the current perception of crossdressers and transgender people in Spain?

DAFNI: Here in Spain, it is more normalized, and people go out to live their lifestyle with total ease. People are very open and accepting of transgender and crossdresser people. There are many associations and a great collective. I am delighted with it and very happy. I feel very safe here and it gives me energy to teach my clients that everything is fine.

Q) What is your number one beauty tip for crossdressers?

DAFNI: Less is more.  In my opinion, elegance is hidden between the simplicity and the purity of things. Sometimes, we tend to exaggerate our feminine side by decorating it with too many accessories or exuberant clothes, thinking that this is the only way to enhance our feminine side. And ok, it can be fine for a special occasion in which we want to have fun, but femininity does not need so much.

There are other factors such as sweetness, delicacy, simplicity, or the simple expression of feeling comfortable with your feminine side and externalizing it in a pleasing and warm way.

Dafni Cocó

Q) Any last thing you would like to say to our readers?

DAFNI: I would love that people who are crossdresser or trans can one day come to Dafni Girls, and if it is not possible, we will go wherever they are.

Dafni Coco

Follow Dafni Girls at:

Website: www.dafnigirls.com
Online shop: store.dafnigirls.com
Blog: www.likeagirl.es

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  1. Dafni,
    I’d love for you to come to New England for a two day shoot! You and whomever can be my guests for the time you are here. You are truly amazing with your skills!

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