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Interview with Carla Navarro – Beautiful Crossdresser from Spain

Spanish crossdresserCarla Navarro is a fabulous crossdresser from Madrid, Spain. We had a lovely opportunity to take her interview and talk about her crossdressing experience and stories.

Q: Hi Carla, Thank you so much for taking the time to take this interview with us. Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies/interest & where you are from?

Carla:  Fist of all, sorry for my English haha. Well, I’m Carla Navarro. My first transformation was in Spain, so when they ask me, where I am from, I said Madrid. I love that city, I love the country. I would love to live there again.beautiful crossdresser Carla

I love to write. I write everyday since the first quarantine. I love to write tales, memories and fantasies about the crossdressing. Every kind of it. I hope, someday all of you can read it.

My biggest dream is to travel to every crossdressing studio of the world. St. Petersburg, London, Tokyo. All of them. I know, these years were a problem for that, but I hope I can start all over again.

Q) When did you first get the urge to dress feminine and how did you get started with crossdressing?

Carla: Well, I think, like all of us, since I was a kid. Like 7 years old. I don’t know why I was so attracted to pantyhose. Right now, I still don’t know, but I stopped to make that question long time ago.

I was attracted like a moth to the flame to the pantyhose of my mom. In secret, when nobody was in home, I always stole them from her wardrobe and wear them in front of the mirror for hours. I don’t know why I was doing that, but that fulfilled me in life. That’s the only explanation I have.Carla crossdressing in floral dress

Years later (too many years) I was living in Madrid, and I don’t know where I got the courage, I went to the Dafni Girls Studio, and my life changed. I never thought of me like a complete woman, but when I saw myself like that, with all the make up and the wig, it made me think that I could be good at this. I thought that it was the only time that I would get dressed like that. Fool of me.

Q) How often do you dress up now?

Carla:  Since the pandemic started, only once a year. Before that, twice. I can’t do it as often as I want. But at least I take a lot of pics when I’m dressed dressed as woman

Q) What type of activities do you like to do after getting dressed? anything particular?

Carla: First of all, take a lot of pictures, selfies and videos. I just love being in femme and look myself at the mirror. Then, I love to go dancing to clubs. I just did it twice in my life, and they are the most fun nights in my life. I know now why a lot of people are doing it! I love to go to dinner or lunch.crossdresser in red dress

Q) Have you went out in public in your femme self? if yes, can you share your experience about going out in public and being dressed feminine in front of other people?

Carla: Of course. I went out a couple of times to a public square for a photo session. You can see the photos in my Instagram Feed. I love every minute of it. And, as I said before, I went to a couple of clubs. To dancing and clubbing. It was amazing. At first, I was scared. All shy, and with fear of make eye contact. But we were like 10 cd girls. And we supported each other.crossdressing in public

That give me confidence, to dance, walk freely, and make everything that a lady does in a fun night. There were a lot of guys looking at me with desire. But, was amazing the girls that were hitting on me. Knowing that, I could started sooner. I could be a playboy haha!!

Q) Any stories or experience you would like to share about yourself and your crossdressing journey?

Carla: I have a lot, and some of them in my Instagram feed. I think that the most interesting thing is when I went out to dance, a girl approach to me and take my arm and smile to me. She was gorgeous and Little drunk. I know that I could go with her, but I was in another mood, and not single hehe.Crossdresser Navarro

Q) Have you come out to your friends and family as a crossdresser? If yes, how hard was it for you?

Carla: Nope. Only my girlfriend knows. The trick is that you have to tell her before she is your girlfriend.

Q) Who is/are your female role model(s)?

Carla: I don’t have models. I have references. I collect pictures or outfits of different models, actress and other crossdressers girls. And I dream to be in that picture, someday too.

Q) What are some of your favorite outfits/styles?

Carla: Well, as you will guess, I like the skirts and the dresses. The smaller the better. And, of course, the pantyhose. I’m obsessed with pantyhose. I have a collection of almost 100 pantyhose, at least. I like the colors, the pattern, the textures, the shiny. All of them I love them.crossdresser in pantyhose

My favorite store is CALZEDONIA, in Spain. They have a lot of variety there, and every time I go to Madrid I go to that Store.

Q) Lastly, any tips or advice you would like to give to crossdressers are just starting out?

Carla:  I have a couple:

1. START. NOW. Today if is possible. This life is too short to not crossdressing. I regret that I did not started sooner. I could have the double of photos that I have now, and twice the experiences and memories of be a woman. I think is the only thing that I regret in my life. So, go, shop online or a store. Get a Wig and get into this marvelous world!crossdressing in floral dress

2.Try to go to a crossdressing studios. There are a lot around the world. Just look for them in the internet. Its easy, they are waiting for you. Madrid, London, St Petesburg, Buenos Aires, Santiago. Anywhere.male to female makeover

3. If you can’t, hire a make up artist. There are lot of them in google, and you have be brave and told her about your hobbies. They will not judge you, they will not mock you. They don’t even care. Nobody even cares. So, take the step and go for it.

4. If you don’t want to do that, there’s a lot of make up tutorial in you tube. You just have to practice, practice and practice, until you get the result that you love. You can buy  wig, pantyhose, shoes, everything online. Theses days you can be a crossdresser without leaving your house. You can do it.Crossdresser Carla

5. Open an account in any social media where you feel safe about your privacy. Anybody wants to be alone. And your femme self want to go out there. Nowadays, the social media its an escape valve for that side that we hide for so many time. She wants to go out. Love her, nurture her, embrace her. And when yo do it, send me a DM, I will love to see that gorgeous first photos of you.

Love you all.

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