Interview with Beautiful Crossdresser Anastasia Harris

Interview with crossdresser AnastasiaInterview with Beautiful Crossdresser Anastasia Harris.

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies/interest & where you are from?
Anastasia: Growing up, I always felt different, cherishing the joy of trying on dresses, high heels, and colorful nail polish, passions are fashion, MMA, Food, Long distance Running, music, dance, life coaching. Bosnian & Canadian

Q) How did you get started with crossdressing?
Anastasia: Started with my mom’s dress, heels, wig, and nail polish In my room in private. Mom found out and supports my real feelings. I came out to my mom first. Gradually came out and started dressing in public at home full time.
crossdresser in blue mini dress

Q) What are the challenges that you have faced as a crossdresser?
Anastasia: Coming out of the closet can be an overwhelming journey. One that I’ve experienced firsthand. I know the courage it takes to push through fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt. Bullying, name calling, public attacks, grandpa disowning me. But let me tell you, the moment you stand tall and reveal your authentic self, you set yourself free.

Embrace your identity without hesitation, and know that you are deserving of love, respect, and acceptance. We, as a community, stand together, stronger than ever, supporting one another through every challenge we face.

Each of us has a unique voice and story to tell, and together, we paint a tapestry of love, diversity, and unity. Remember, you are not alone. Reach out to those around you, for love and support are always available.
boy to girl transformation

Q) What are the things that you really enjoy being a crossdresser?
Anastasia: THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE, everything about it.

Q) How often do you dress up now and tell us about your transformation/makeover process?
Anastasia: I have now transitioned into full time dressing. It takes me a few hours to transform.
1) Schedule fun activities or home improvement
2)Get my nails, and outfit ready
3) shower, shave, and moisturize
4) tuck, tape, and tight underwear
5) makeup, wig, and outfit
beautiful crossdresser in red dress

Q) Where do you buy your clothes & makeup from?
Anastasia: I SHOP AT: Sephora, Shein, Dollskill, Nike, Fashionnova, Small business / Brands

Q) What type of activities do you prefer to do after getting dressed?
Anastasia: Model, model, and model. Joking… I love going to dinner, driving, to an event or bar with an arcade or pool table.

Q) Have you went out in public in your femme self? if yes, can you share your experience about going out in public and being dressed feminine in front of other people?
Anastasia: Yes it’s the best thing that ever happened for me. People compliment me everyday and everywhere I go. People are waking up and respecting our culture.
male to female transformation

Q) Any particular story or experience you would like to share about yourself and your crossdressing journey?
Anastasia: Going to the gym in my favorite Nike training womenswear that was my liberation day. It was the day I learned to love myself completely.

Q) Have you come out to your friends and family as a crossdresser? If yes, how hard was it for you?
Anastasia: Yes. Coming out of the closet can be an overwhelming journey.  One that I’ve experienced firsthand. I know the courage it takes to push through fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt. It gets better and better.
cute crossdresser

Q) What are some of your favorite outfits/styles?
Anastasia: Nothing particular, but a more elegant, intellectual, showing body aesthetic look, sports wear, skirts, mini dresses, maxi dresses, lingerie.
crossdresser in mini dressQ) Lastly, any tips or advice you would like to give to crossdressers who are just starting out?
Anastasia: In the labyrinth of my experiences, I realized that fulfillment lies not merely in the external trappings of titles and professions but in a deeper understanding of oneself. This revelation led me on a transformative quest to uncover the true essence of happiness, transcending the confines of job descriptions and societal expectations.

One day, I mustered the courage to wear nail polish and stunning high heels in public. I realized that true happiness is deserved, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing oneself differently. It’s our right to wear what we love and embrace our individuality. Overcoming societal fears, I found acceptance and support from many wonderful women and men during my public interactions. Strangers often complimented my dress, feminine appearance, and nails, which filled me with gratitude.
crossdresser in black dress

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