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20 Crossdressers Talk About Their Crossdressing Experience
Q) Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies/interest & where you are from?

Alaska: My name is Alaska Hotmess, and I’m a full-time Goddess. I started an OnlyFans around 10 months ago and I’m making a living out of it. I can officially say that my job is to be pretty. I’m also an artist, I paint, and do graphic design. I’m really into fashion and my favorite color is pink. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

Beautiful Crossdresser Alaska

Q) When did you first get the urge to dress feminine and how did you get started with crossdressing?

Alaska: I’ve always been attracted to overly feminized things, I always wanted to dress feminine since a very young age but I guess I was just unconsciously in denial about it. I used to be the captain of the football team at school and had a big beard… Yeah, I was that guy… I mean, what would everybody think… right !?It took me 25 years to finally do it, and I’m only 27 now.

Crossdresser Alaska

Thanks to my girlfriend, I had told her I wanted to try dressing up. And one night, we were invited to a drag-themed birthday party, and she said « Fu*k it ! You’re dressing up that night » . So I bought everything I needed, she did my makeup and we went out. We took pictures, I posted them on Instagram the next day. It was a big shock for everybody… But so much worth it !

Q) How often do you dress up now?

Alaska: At least once a week. Even though I can’t go out during this pandemic, I dress up weekly to take pictures and film content for my fan page.

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Alaska Crossdressing

Q) What type of activities do you like to do after getting dressed? anything particular?

Alaska: I like going out, partying, and do dumb shit.

5) Have you went out in public in your femme self? if yes, can you share your experience about going out in public and being dressed feminine in-front of other people?

Alaska: My first time dressed up was in May 2019 and it was in public. I went out to clubs every time fully dressed during this summer. It’s crazy because I thought I’d always keep that a secret but all my first experiences were in public. I love wearing the highest heels possible and be the tallest girl in the room. Intimidating boys with my height and getting all the attention is fun.

my boyfriend is a crossdresser

Q) Any stories or experience you would like to share about yourself and your crossdressing journey?

Alaska: Not everybody is comfortable with people crossdressing. I’ve received multiple threats and insults in the streets. Please be careful when going out and try staying in safe spaces.

Q) Have you come out to your friends and family as a crossdresser? If yes, was it difficult for you?

Alaska: My family and friends have been extremely supportive. I feel so blessed and grateful to have such a loving and encouraging entourage. Of course, I’ve had some haters here and there, some people started acting different around me ever since. Some supposedly friends even stopped talking to me, but who cares, I’m happy and living my best life.

Q) Who is/are your female role model(s)?

Alaska: Elle Woods.

Q) What are some of your favorite outfits/styles?

Alaska: Anything pink and glittery, I love the feeling of fur too. But the less clothes, the better. I always love showing some skin.

crossdresser Alaska in heels

Q) Lastly, any tips or advice you would like to give to crossdressers are just starting out?

Alaska: To honestly stop giving a fu*k about what others may think of you. To start living your best life and do all the crazy things you’ve always wanted to do. Live your fantasy to the fullest.

Also, be patient, practice your makeup, watch tutorials, familiarize yourself with your own facial features. You won’t just get better overnight, you have to practice, it’s a process. Oh, and don’t get discouraged by comparing yourself to celebrities and others you see on social medias, they all use facetune, filters, and photoshop.

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