Impressive Cosplayer Toby/ TJC Cosplays from UK

TJC Cosplays as Wonder Woman

Model: @tjccosplays Photographer: @cosplayacademyuk

Featuring the talented cosplayer & crossplay artist Toby from UK.

Some words by Toby:

” I am Toby / TJC Cosplays. I am from the UK.

I cosplay my favourite characters regardless of gender. The two I enjoy and cosplay the most are Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. I have been cosplaying since 2018 and I regularly guest at a multitude of events promoting dressing up (especially to men and women who wish to crossdress!) Furthermore I have become an anti bullying ambassador in my community.

Outside of dressing up I am a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner and a massive comic geek.”

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Photo Gallery:

TJC Cosplays as Harley Quinn TJC Cosplays as Wonder WomanTJC Cosplays as Harley Quinn

TJC Cosplays CrossdressingTJC Cosplays as Ella TJC Cosplays as French Maid

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