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I Was Beautiful

I was beautiful - crossdressing storyThis all started years ago when I was younger, and my cousin wanted to try her makeup on me. I was about 17 at the time and she was around 12. She did not have anyone else to try it on but herself.

So, I said what the hell and went for it. I let her practice on me and the first time she did it, I just laughed and took it off. She continued practicing on me a few more times, when I was willing.

Then all of sudden,, this one time she took her time and it came out amazing. I went into the restroom and saw myself, I actually looked good, beautiful to myself. I was shocked and amazed.

I did not want to take it off for the time being. So I came out and she was surprised I still had it on. I just told her I thought there was more, but there wasn’t. She said I did look like a girl for a second and I told her take it off. She never practiced on me again.

But that did not stop me from doing it myself. I went out and bought myself a starter kit, and remembered some of the techniques she did, along with some videos.

Ever since then I have continued to perfect my look. I have been going on for 5 years and I still love the way I look. When she said, “I look like a girl,” I said to myself why not and bought me some clothes.

At first I started in a dress, and a wig. I had super short hair and a wig would fit me perfectly. I never knew or figured this would become a lifestyle for me. Spending hours getting ready, putting on a dress, makeup, wig, and heels makes me feel so beautiful.

I have the confidence to do it all myself, clean and prepare, apply it, and wear it out. I have only been out as a full crossdresser a few times. Those few times, no one really noticed me. I didn’t stand out as I thought I would.

However she brought that out in me, I do not know. She does not know what she has turned me into, and I do not know if I should tell her and thank her. I do want her to know, but am still a little scared to let out my secret. For the time being I continue looking my best.

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