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How to Look More Feminine When Crossdressing

Looking feminine is the goal of almost every crossdressers. For crossdressers of any age, being feminine is synonymous to feeling beautiful & attractive. Regardless of your body traits, there is something every crossdresser can do to look more feminine and feel more like a woman when crossdressing.

Learn How to Look More Feminine When Crossdressing With These Simple Tips:

1. Incorporate Girly Details in What You Wear

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to clothing. So keeping this into consideration, select clothes and accessories which consists of some lovely feminine details such as bows, ruffles, lace, pearls, etc. In addition, select outfits made of fabrics that are feminine on their own. Fabrics such as lace, chiffon, silk, etc. are chic and easy feminine picks.

feminine dress

2. Use Accessories

Accessories are a must if you want to look feminine while crossdressing.  They will add a delicate & feminine touch to your overall looks. Accessories like ear-rings, necklaces, scarf, women’s watch, bracelets, etc. help to bring forth a feminine feel to just about any outfit. You can choose a nice handbag if you are planning to go outside.

accessories for crossdresser

3. Conceal Stubble (short, stiff hairs on the lower face)

Conceal your stubble properly if you want your face to look smooth and feminine. Stubble can be disguised using makeup products like Foundation & Concealer. Make sure to apply them with a makeup sponge (beauty blender) or makeup brush. Don’t use too much foundation and concealer to avoid your face from looking very cakey. Also, ensure that your face makeup looks nice & even after the application of foundation and concealer.

Conceal Stubble

Watch Video Tutorial: How to conceal 5 o’clock shadow

4. Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of the face and make them appear very feminine. The right brow shape can add nice definition to your face and will brighten your face. To achieve a nice shaped eyebrows, you can either use makeup or you can trim & shape your eyebrows (for long term).

Shaping eyebrows for crossdressers

Watch Video Tutorial: Eyebrows for Cross-dressers

5. Create Female Contours

There are lot of structural differences between a male and female face, you can address this with makeup contouring. Contouring can be used to slim the forehead down, the sides of the nose to reduce the width, the indent of the cheeks to make a sharper cheek bone, and the jaw line to round off and soften the typical square male jaw.

Makeup tips for crossdressers


6. Plump Your Lips

Women generally have fuller lips than men. So, if your lips are smaller,  you can use a simple makeup technique to plump your lips. With a lip liner, draw a line right above your natural lip line and then fill in with a lipstick or lip gloss. This will create the illusion of having bigger, fuller lips. However, don’t draw the line very high above your natural lip line because it can look quite odd.

plump your lips

7. Put Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can make your face look elegant and feminine. It will help to highlight your eyes nicely and make them appear brighter.

Eyeliner for crossdressers


8. Wear Better Quality Hair Wig

For crossdressers, a good quality hair wig is a must to achieve a decent feminine look. To appear more feminine you will want to complete your entire look by wearing a good quality hair wig that looks natural. Lace wigs are one of the best type of hair wigs for crossdressers because they look very natural and can be worn in different hair styles.

lace hair wigs for crossdressers

9.Pay Attention to Details

There are some smaller things that many crossdressers forget to pay attention to, because they focus too much on clothes. Sometimes, the tiniest detail can play a big part in how you look overall. Some examples are – well shaved facial and body hair, making sure no wrinkles or stain on your dress, shoes are dust free, necklace is aligned correctly, etc.

stunning crossdresser

10. Wear Nail Polish

Nail polish has the ability to make a person feel girly and cute. Wearing nail polish can make the hands and fingers look pretty. So, wear nail polish on your finger nails & toe nails when crossdressing to add a lovely feminine touch to your overall appearance.

applying nail polish

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