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How To Develop Feminine Personality and Body Movements

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Developing your feminine personality  and behavior can help you to achieve a more feminine persona. Thinking and feeling like a woman – not just dressing like one. For those seeking to see and experience the world from a feminine frame of mind – reading women’s books, magazines, and movies is a must.

Avoid crude remarks and attitude, and always use please, thank you and excuse me when speaking. When walking stand straight, shoulders back and head up, avoid slouching as this is perceived as a masculine trait.

Personality and movements both are highly used in communicating, so this will make out for a huge part of your feminine image.

Body language consists of:

1. Posture

2. Gestures

3. Facial expressions

4. Eye contact

difference between man and woman body

You need to remember that women take up less space than men. Open body positions are associated with the display of power. Besides making you look more passive and feminine, a closed body position makes you appear physically smaller.

Being feminine and sexy is all about the curves, including the way you hold your body. Next time you’re standing in line somewhere, notice how many women put their weight onto one leg, thrusting their hip out. This creates an S-shaped curve in the body.

Notice how men tend to stand with their weight evenly spread over both feet. You can create this S-curve with your body when you are sitting, too.

Either cross your legs or put your weight onto one hip. Have you ever noticed how many men lean forward at the shoulders – particularly if they are trying to establish their dominance? Contrast this to women, who tend to keep their shoulders back and their weight neutral.

Keeping your weight evenly balanced can be tricky in heels, so you need to be especially careful not to lean forward when you are standing or walking. (You shouldn’t lean back either – so get out those stilettos and practice, practice, practice!)

The way you move is a huge part of your feminine image. Feminizing your body movements is very important and you should know how to make your gestures and deportment more graceful and feminine if you want to be a beautiful girl/woman.

Here are some steps for feminizing your body movements:

1. Slow down

crossdresser walking in the street

Most of us have a natural tendency to speed up our movements when we feel nervous or self-conscious. This makes your actions appear jerky and clumsy.

If you want to be more feminine,  you must be gentle and humble. You must not have rushed movements. Slow down! Every move you make should be deliberate and precise. Take your time as you sit down, stand up, gesture, and reach for things.

2. Keep your knees together and your elbows in

posture to look feminine

You need to be conscious about keeping your knees together and your elbows in. Because it’s easy to be clumsy when your limbs are spread out all over the place. Keeping your elbows close to your body will instantly make your gestures more graceful.

Always cross your legs when seated. When seated I emphasize this DO CROSS YOUR LEGS AT ALL TIMES. Do not sit with your legs open, showing you panties, that is not a feminine thing to do, showing off your panties. When wanting to get up, uncross your legs, then with your legs together, then sit up.

3. Stretch out

exercise to look more feminine

It’s impossible to move gracefully if you have a tense and tight body. That’s one reason why dancers spend so much time stretching. You too should make stretching part of your normal routine – particularly before you present yourself as a crossdresser.

4. Practice and study graceful womencross legged manner

There’s a lot to be learned from studying poised, elegant women. Pay attention to the way they move and carry themselves in public. Learn how to elegantly sit and stand, make deliberate gestures, and never fail to keep your knees together.

5. Take dance classes and spend more time with girls

crossdressing in dress

If you’re really serious about becoming a graceful, elegant woman, then I highly recommend taking dance classes and having more girls in your circle. Having more female friends will enable you to improve your feminine life style as well.

The grace and coordination you’ll learn through dancing will carry over into your day-to-day life. Any type of dance class is helpful, be it belly dance, salsa, or ballet.
Do the following exercises in front of a floor length mirror. Keep your knees slightly bent, do not lock them. Step forward with the right foot and shift your weight and hip to that area, exaggerate the movement, then lean back to shift the weight to the original foot. Sway back and forth to the rhythm of the music.

When you are comfortable with the movement take small steps forward to move around, while you are swaying back and forth. Repeat the movement with the other leg. Once you get the hang of it, walk backwards, then sideways, always swaying those hips. The more you train yourself, the faster you will notice the difference.

6. Practice

sitting down properly feminization tips

Finally, remember that being graceful takes practice. I recommend practicing your movements and gestures in front of a mirror. Or, better yet, record a video of yourself so you can evaluate your movements objectively.

Here are some specific movements to practice:

  • Sitting down
  • Standing up
  • Gesturing as you speak
  • Shaking hands (or doing the air kiss)
  • Climbing up and down stairs
  • Table manners
  • Getting into and out of a car

7. Attitude

elegant dress crossdresser

Finally, the most important thing you can possess is a great attitude. People treat you the way you expect to be treated – so be as femme and fabulous as you want to be. A crossdresser must be polite, humble and always ready to serve.

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  1. These are all very, very helpful … thank you very much.

  2. Its a funny thing when you read all these tips slowly and understand exactly what is being alluded to. Girls and women seem to have this natural ability to develop these traits but the male of the species develop masculine traits. The female attitude is so much more accommodating and just better. Confidence and poise along with clothing makes the woman a woman. These tips are very well thought out and should be practiced in order to achieve the ultimate goal of being feminine

  3. Excelente información. Gracias

  4. Thanks for the tips, really helpful to view this perspective of women. And just as the author says, it’s more than clothes – there’s an intangible essence. So if you really want to act like a bona fide woman, read on!

    As this article touches on “looking smaller”, as a woman you are physically smaller. You are not able to run, jump, kick, hit, swim, or lift to the same degree as a man. Therefore accepting help is part of daily life, and living more passively rather than aggressively. Because of these physical differences, you are also a target for men to abuse and misuse you, from stealing your bag on the street to kidnapping you for sex trafficking, or experiencing domestic violence from a partner or someone you know.

    As a woman you tend to be indecisive and indirect; you may say want people want to hear even if it’s the opposite of what you really feel – because you’re typically physically vulnerable. It’s simplistic in an evolutionary sense but the concept is the same today. You consider others and their thoughts and feelings; you’re accommodating and receptive. You chat on the phone or text in order to maintain a social network with other women.

    As a woman, you have a regular hormone cycle that shows up in occasional erratic behavior depending on the time of month or the day. You can even plan for it and let your partner know you might need a little more patience since you will be a little more grumpy – not his fault, just hormones.

    On that note, you keep some ibuprofen or aspirin on hand for when you experience your menstrual pain. Maybe you keep a tampon in your purse or bag, too. Real girl friends help each other out so it could be useful to someone else.

    This monthly cycle and fluctuating hormones also make you want to have kids and be a mom. Therefore you love children and babies, you are kind to them, and you someday want your own. You recognize you have a special role that is irreplaceable in society and raising a family carries a special joy and hope for you. Finding a good partner who will raise them with you may prove painful and difficult, however, and you condition yourself to disappointment – because men are picky about who they commit to. Once you manage to find this partner, you can look forward to having children in a safe space. But you will still have to go through 9 months of pregnancy to get there, and then childbirth which is exhausting and painful beyond what you’ve experienced before. It’s worth it but the suffering is part of what makes you a woman as well, accepting both the good and the bad.

    These are a few things to keep in mind when you want to embody the feminine spirit, essence, and physicality.

    Cool article.

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