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How to Choose the Right Breast Forms for You

how to choose the right breast forms for you

Breast forms come in many shapes, styles, and materials which can make it a little confusing while deciding to buy your first pair of breast forms.  There are many kinds of breast forms available nowadays, some just provide a nice feminine shape while some breast forms really move, feel, and look like real breasts. To make it easier, we have made this simple guide which will help to choose the right breast forms for yourself.

Choosing the right breast forms is important because it will help to instantly maximize your male to female transformation, put together your feminine look, and also make you feel feminine & beautiful. Determining which breast forms is the best fit for you mainly comes down to your body type and personal preference.

Here are few considerations to determine the right breast forms for yourself:

Situational Considerations: 

Are you a crossdresser who only dresses indoors or  also go out frequently in public? Or, are you undergoing transition and  looking for the most realistic breast forms that you can afford?

If you only dress indoors, you can choose almost any kind of breast forms according to your preference ( small to very large). However, if you also plan to go out in public or looking for very realistic breast forms, then you will need to carefully consider the size and quality of the breast forms for a more passable figure.

What type of Look and Feel do you want in a Breast Form?

What is important for you? Look or the feel or perhaps both?  If you just want to achieve a good and convincing look, you can use Foam breast forms which are quite affordable but they won’t provide the feel (weight and bounce) like premium quality breast forms do.

If you want breast forms that not only looks good but also feels very real then you will need to spend a bit more for the quality. Breast forms like the Aphrodite , Athena, Gold Seal Naked Breastplate are some of the top quality breast forms that looks & feel very realistic.

Do you want to wear your breast forms with bra or bra-less (unsupported):

Nowadays, you can get breast forms like the Aphrodite breast forms or the Gold Seal Classic that can be easily attached to the chest and it is simply amazing. The self-adhesive breast forms has a sticky back side and will attach to the skin nicely. You can wear these breast forms even without a bra for an hour or so, which is pretty incredible. Also, wearing them with a bra is really comfortable and they will feel like a part of you.

How to Choose the Right Breast Forms for You

The adhesive built-in to the back for sticking to the skin does slowly lose its stickiness after few hours if you are not wearing anything to support them. For going bra-less for longer hours, these breast forms need the addition of a good quality adhesive.

If you don’t intend to go bra-less you can pretty much choose any type of the breast forms like the Natural Look Oval, Amolux Ruby Deluxe or Amoena Essential.


The more you spend the more realistic breast forms will look & feel. But yes, top quality breast forms can be very costly. So, try choosing the best quality that you can afford. If you don’t have a big budget, at least spend on a decent quality breast forms rather than spending on very cheap ones. Getting cheaper breast forms are usually a huge disappointment  because they won’t be as good, comfortable to wear and durable.

How to Choose Breast Form Style?

Breast Forms come in a wide variety of styles to suit your needs. Here are some of the most common style of breast forms. You can select the breast forms style according to your preference and requirements.

1. Regular Breast Forms –  There are two forms in a set and, depending on the shape, they are available in different designs.

Breast forms

2. Strap-on Breast Forms – These Breast forms comes with a clear adjustable strap / strap bra.

Strap-on breast forms

3. Attachable Breast Forms – Attachable breast forms are designed to attach to the chest with the help of special self-adhesive backing. For going bra-less for longer hours, these breast forms need the addition of a good quality adhesive.

Attachable Breast Forms

4. Breastplates
Breastplates are one of the most popular style of breast forms currently.  Breastplates are connected between the breasts for a more natural transition and provides a more realistic appearance.


SHOWN: Athena breastplate storage box with Athena breastplate.

How to Choose Breast Form Shape?

Breast forms come in different shapes. Many are contoured to create that natural transition from your body to the form. They can also be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. To achieve the most realistic look, always choose a shape and size that is in proportion with your body . Some popular shapes include:

1. Triangular –

Triangular shapes have a winged shape and a top that tapers upward making them the right choice for those with wide chest.

Triangular shape breast forms

Triangular Breast Forms

2. Oval or Round –
Oval or round shaped forms are suitable for those who want a full cup profile.

Oval/Round Breast forms

Oval/Round Breast forms

3. Teardrop –
Teardrop forms have a tapered top and rounded bottom which are best suited to those who want a  shallower cup profile and have more volume below the nipple.

Teardrop Breast forms

Teardrop Breast forms

4. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical style breast forms come in left and right shapes for a perfect fit and feel. It also makes the shoulders appear smaller.

Asymmetrical breast forms

Asymmetrical Breast forms

How to Choose Breast Forms Material?

You can choose the breast forms material depending on your preference and requirements.

1. Silicone

Silicone is the most common and popular type of material used to make breast forms because they offer the most natural look &  feel due to the weight and texture of the silicone.

Silicone Breast forms

2. Foam or Fiberfill

Foam or Fiberfill breast forms are perfect for those who are looking for something more low cost & affordable. Foam forms are easier to wear, lighter than silicone breast forms and easy to maintain.

Fiberfill Breast forms

How to Determine Your Breast Form Size?

The size of the breast forms suitable for you is determined by factors such as body shape and size, type of clothes you will be wearing, and your intended objective when dressing.

If you wish to go for a natural look, select breast forms which are proportionate to your actual body size. If you purchase breast forms too big for your frame then you  might have an odd body proportion that looks very unnatural and also fitting into outfits could be a problem.

Correct Measurements Are Essential to figure out the right size of breast forms for you.

Easy 4 Step fitting process:

1. Measure your bra band size:

A correct bra band size is essential so that your bra fits well and insures that the corresponding breast forms you choose will be sized to your expectations. This step is very important for selecting the breast forms that will look the most natural on your body. The fit of your bra is crucial to how natural the breast form will feel.

how to measure bra band size

The right size bra and breast forms will likely help you feel more feminine, and will help make it easier to ‘pass.’

To take the bra band measurement, measure around your chest 2  inches below your nipple. This is where your bra band should naturally sit. Band sizes come in even numbers, so if you find you measure at an odd number, go up or down one size whichever is closer to an even number.

2. Measure your bust size:

Using a tape, measure directly across your nipples. Extend the tape from your chest, keeping it in line with your nipples this time. Extend as far as you would like your bust size to be. To find the correct bust size, girls/women will place the tape around the fullest part of their bust.

how to measure bust size

While measuring your bust size, you will want to consider your overall body size and height. If you are going for a passable figure, don’t go for very large bust size.

3. Find your Cup Size

Subtract the band size from your bust size to find the right cup size. That number determines your cup size. Every inch equals one cup size up, from an A to an H.

Find your cup size

If you’re still unsure of what cup size to choose, try starting with a smaller form. This will allow you time to get familiar with the weight and feel and become comfortable wearing a breast form overall. From there, you’ll know if you wish to try a larger one.

4. Choose the appropriate product

Now take your band measurement & cup size and that’s your perfect fit.

Example: If your band measurement is 38 and your cup size is C, then the right breast forms size for you will be 38 C.


We hope this information was helpful to you for choosing the right breast forms.  If you can get to an actual store to try different breast forms and be fitted in-person, that would be the best way to go.

But if you are planning to shop online, then make sure you use a reputable store like The Breast Form Store, which has been serving the Crossdressing and Trans community for more than 25 years.

One more thing to consider while choosing breast forms is the skin tone (color) of the breast forms. Make sure that the color of the breast forms match closely with your body skin tone so it looks more natural. You can also use slight makeup on the breast forms to match your skin tone.

Our Recommendation:

One of the finest breast forms available in the market is the Aphrodite Breast Forms. These breast forms are perfect for anyone, whether this is your first pair or one more in your collection.

Aphrodite breast forms

Model wearing Aphrodite breast forms.

Aphrodite breast forms are self-adhering (attachable) breast forms made from Lifelike silicone skin which creates very realistic breast forms to touch and feel. They certainly offer the best value for money given that they are hand-crafted and offer a lot of features like – Unique “no-membrane” skin (safe to sleep in), Self-adhesive backing, Warms to your body for the most natural experience etc.

If you really are looking for the most realistic breast forms, you should definitely consider getting these fabulous Aphrodite Breast Forms. 

You can purchase the Aphrodite Breast Forms at the following online stores in your region –

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