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How I Felt Girly For The First Time

How I felt girly first timeI am an Indian crossdressing sissy and my girly name is Minati. Indian women wears saree with other accessories like Petticoat (It is not like petticoat to be worn under skirt. It is with drawstring to be tied at left side of waist and flared downward up to ankle.),  blouse (Unlike to be worn with skirt. It covers only chest part. It may be sleeveless, full sleeve, half sleeve etc and hug tightly the body), bra and occasionally panty.

Our ornaments are ear ring, nose pin, tiarra to be worn at hair parting, neckles (Made of gold ), different bangles, anklet etc. Indian married women wear white conch bangle, red bangle, iron made bangle in addition. Married women also wear vermilion. These reflect the marital status. We use make up like any girl of world. Let me go to the main story.

The time of the story is 1979 and I was a student of class X. I had a younger brother who was 3 yrs junior to me. My father was only earning member and my mother was housewife. We would reside in a multistoried flat of one large Indian city. We were tenant in the flat as my father would move from city to city owing to his transferable job. In front of our flat amother couple with Two daughters would stay as tenant.

That lady was also housewife. Though males of two families were not so close but females were too close. They would gossip daily for long time at noon either at our flat or their. My mother would always ask me to help her in domestic chores and I gladly did all like washing cloths, cleaning rooms, kithcen, cwashing used utensils, cooking, helping mother for draping saree and make up etc.

Consequently I never got interest for outdoor games like my younger brother. Rather I play ludo with mother, aunty of our opposite flat and the younger daughter of that flat. My younger brother would dominate me always and both parents supported him. I was always asked to remain submissive and not to talk loudly.

The elder daughter of opposite flat was totally tomboy and she never talked to me though she talked to my parents and younger brother. I would avoid the uncle and elder girl of that flat though I was very close to aunty and younger girl. Once I came home from school early as school was suspended and found my mother and aunty were gossiping at our drawing room.

My mother ordered me to serve water to aunty. I served and was returning with empty glass. Mother asked me to iron her saree kept in my room which will be required by afternoon. I nodded and left room.

As soon as I came out I heard both were laughing loudly. When aunty left I asked mother why they laughed? aunty told mother that I should have been girl and her elder daughter should have been boy. Mother also added then aunt’s son could marry me. Mother laughed and asked me it would have been good as we would have one daughter and one son.

Suddenly I felt that I was a girl. I blushed and lowered my head. Mother raised my chin gently and told you need not be worried it is only joke. But I was feeling an urge to wear female dress. For next 5 days I was searching opportunity to wear saree as there was no frock or skirt blouse.

I got the opportunity. Aunty called and informed that at around 11 AM she would go for shoping and asked mother to accompany her. Mother agreed and I created an excuse to skip school. So I will get minimum 3 hrs to fulfil my long cherished desire.

As soon as mother left flat I bolted it from inside and rushed to mother’s room. Collected saree, petticoat, blouse, bra and wore. It was not too bad for first time. I wore lot of bangles but could not wear anything at ear and nose. I wore mongalsutra(A special neckles to be worn by married women). Then I started make up. Took lipstick at hand and heard calling bell is ringing.

Thought it was some salesman. But I was wrong it was mother and asked to open the door. I was frozen as I could not remove all and face her. If I don’t respond she may raise alarm. So I decided to face her in saree. I opened the door and stood lowering head. Mother bolted the door and asked why I have worn saree? I told I am a girl and not boy. Please accept me as your daughter.

After long discussion mother prescribed I will be girl only for her and not disclose this identity to any. I accepted. Whenever only me and mother remain at flat I become her daughter. Our bondage is better now.

Submitted by Minati

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  1. I must congratulate you on having or having had such a mother. When my mother caught me wearing a pantyhose, I was a child and that pantyhose (she belonged to a friend of hers) I never saw her again. Perhaps it was because of the intolerance that existed years ago. Thank you very much for your story.

    1. Thanks a lot sister. I am encourage to write further as continuation of the story which is almost fact. Regards Your crossdressing sister Minat.

      1. Hermana, me encantaran leer tus nuevas historias.

  2. Although I began crossdressing when I was about 14 years old, it wasn’t until I was grown up and living by myself, that I knew that there was something missing, that wouldn’t fully give me the feeling of being girly. Oh, I’d get dressed in full makeup and wear clothes that I thought made me look sexy, but I really didn’t feel girly about the way that I looked
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    I read all of the instructions on how to put it on and take care of it after taking it off
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    I looked at myself in the mirror and there was a vagina between my legs
    I kept looking at myself through misty eyes and couldn’t believe how girly I looked
    This one item changed my appearance into the girl who I always wanted to be
    Now I felt girly and feminine and my tight clothes fit me perfectly, without a bulge in my crotch area
    This was a game changer
    Now when I am out walking, I’m always aware that I have a vagina between my legs. I walk different and I sit different, but mostly I think different.
    My mannerisms are more feminine and lady like and as a added plus, I don’t feel strange about using a ladies room anymore
    After all, I have a vagina, just like every other girl dose that’s in the ladies room, so there’s no reason to feel inferior about being in a ladies room, with female’s
    Thank goodness that I found that site
    Now I really do feel girly

  3. Thanks a lot sister Janine for nice comment. You are so fortunate to have vajina. Our country is very conservative so artificial sex organs are not readily available. Every girl like us desires to have her breast and vajina. I have only lady’s wig .Breast form can be purchased but it can nicely be preapared at home with soft cloths. But vagina can not be prepared. I am encoureged to write further as continuation of the story which is almost fact. Regards your crossdressing sister Minati.

  4. Let me write second part of my story ‘How I felt girly first time”. When mother accepted me as daughter though conditionaly I was mad to disclose my acquired recognition and imagined me as daughter, sister, girl friend, wife, daughter in law, sister in law, aunty etc and skipped studies though my tenth standard exam was knocking the door. My parents warned me to concentrate on studies. My mother was also scolded by father for engaging me in domestic chores regularly. My brother also teased me as a sissy and advised parents to ask me to wear girly dress and bangles if I want to work like girls. My mother dragged me to my room, slapped twice and threatened to withdraw the daughter recognition I got from her if I dont concentrate on studies. I assured her that I will comfortably pass the exam as my preparation was good. She was not satisfied and retorted that ordinary result will not helpful to get admission in good schools. I flatly told that I dont want to be doctor, engineer, professional and I will persue the vocational girly courses like tailoring, knitting, stiching, make up course, saloon etc. Mother was astonished and asked how you will support your family after marriage and no girl wil marry you like sissy. I told if and tomboy girl want to marry me and agrees to treat me as her house wife I will be her wife and otherwise I will remain unmarried and support me engaging in any of the vocational course as stated above. Mother again slapped me and scolded. I begged to mother to treat me as daughter as she has treated me like girl from childhood. Seemed she was repented. I asked mother to disclose my real identity to our family and aunty’s family immediately after exam so that I can live in my real identity. Mother wept and agreed. Exam was over within next two months and mother informed me that on next Sunday a small party will be held in our flat where our family and aunty’s family will remain present. She did not disclose further and I was scarred to some extent considering the humilation I will receive from my brother and elder daughter of aunty. I tried to have some information of the party from younger daughter of aunty. She laughed mischiviously and asked not to be tensed. She also told that I will ever remember every details of the party. The day came and there was no speciality atleast I did not notice. Actually food was ordered from outside which reached at 8 PM only. Party started at 6 PM. It was not a party but meeting perhaps. All males excluding me and including elder daughter of aunty sat at right side of the hall on chairs. In the East side of hall we all women including me though I was in male attire sat on floor. My mother initiated discussion and explained how I have been a sissy and arrogant to remain a sissy for ever. My father and brother verbally harassed me and asked to leave home and join eunuch group for livelihood. Uncle and their elder daughter intervened and asked why he has to leave home and family due to his girly nature? I am also of tomboy nature but all of you have accepted me but intolerant about him. It is not good practice. Then my mother, aunty and her younger daughter also supported her in a chorus and unanimously resolution was passed in the house that I will be treated by all as girl, I will wear girly cloth, ornament and make up regularly, I will perform domestic chores for both the families. Then I was dragged by the younger daughter of aunty to their flat and helped me to wear salwar, ornaments including wigs and make up, lady’s footwear. And asked to come out with her. She gave me a lady’s bag also. The girl did not give me bangles though 24 bangles were there. I wanted bangles but she denied and told it will be given on time. So I follow her in our flat lowering my head and sat by the side of my mother. Then mother declared that today I have been her daughter and named Minati. She took bangles from the younger daughter of aunty and declared that I am going to remove his masculinity if anything exists at all by making him wear bangles. Mother made me wear 6 bangles each hand and other bangles were given to aunty and her younger daughter to make me wear. When I was fully bangled I touhed feet of mother, aunty, father, uncle and the elder daughter of aunty. She and all others were surprised. But did not tel anything.

  5. Ah I love your mother for doing that! Imagine being the girl of the whole house with someone present accepting you as a girl! That’s my literal dream. I really wanna know more about your story. Can you email me? I’m Indian aswell. (

  6. Que madre tienes que te acepto como lo que eres una niña y te hizo la ceremonia de tu cultura

  7. Lovely story Minati di. You r lucky to have a mother like this who supported your feelings. Wish every one had such opportunity and blessings. Keep sharing your experiences.

  8. Me alegra mucho el resultado de tu historia, ya me gustaría que todas acabaran con la aceptación de la gente y de nuestros círculos próximos personales. Muchas gracias por tu historia.

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