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How I Almost Got Caught Crossdressing

Almost Caught CrossdressingIt was a regular day at school, had a few classes left but the teacher had to leave for something urgent and we were given off early. Once I reached home, I noticed that no one was at home and I also noticed that my sister had thrown out some of her clothes in the laundry basket. There were few t-shirts, pants, and her gym clothes. I picked up the gym clothes which was a Sports bra, a cute T-shirt and yellow leggings, all of which I hadn’t worn before.

I had been secretly wearing my sister’s clothes for a few months now. I also had my own stash of clothes but obviously my sister had better clothes than me. I didn’t wanted to miss this opportunity to dress up. So, I decided to wear her clothes for a bit, since no one would be home for an hour or so. So, I went to my room, got undressed (except for my underwear) and put on my sister’s gym clothes.

First, I put on the sports bra, it was pretty tight and it took me some time to put them on. Then I rolled some socks and stuffs them inside the bra.   Then I put on the T-shirt and the leggings. The feeling of wearing tight leggings was so amazing. I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands around my thighs and bottom. There was a pretty big bulge on the front that I couldn’t hide any longer.

Then, I took out my long brown hair wig and put it on.  I went in-front of the mirror to see how I was looking and when I saw my reflection, I was shocked to see how good I looked. My bottom looked so huge in the leggings and I couldn’t stop staring at them. After posing for a few minutes in-front of the mirror and taking a lot of pics, I decided to walk around the house dressed like that because it is always so exciting walking around the house dressed as a girl.

I went to my sister’s room to see if I could find any makeup to put on. I found her lip gloss on her makeup table and applied it on my lips. Then, I splashed some of her perfume on me and I walked around the room pretending to be her. That got me quite excited. But I didn’t want to mess too much in her room because my sister didn’t like me sneaking in her room. So, I took a few pics and videos, and checked to see if everything was back in their place  properly before I left her room.

Then I decided to go downstairs to get something to eat.  I reached the kitchen and checked the refrigerator. There was leftover pizza from last night. I took it out and also got a soda. Then, I popped the pizza in the microwave and decided to eat it on the family dinner table. I sat down, it felt weird but nice to be dressed like I was and started eating while checking out the pics I had clicked of myself. I suddenly had the idea to take a video of myself eating pizza dressed like I was. It got me pretty excited.

So, I adjusted my phone on the breakfast counter and hit the record button. Then I sat down back on the dinner table and started eating the rest of the pizza as girly as I could. Suddenly, I heard a car outside and my heart just stopped. I knew it was my sister. I heard the car door open outside and I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. My heart was beating so fast.

Once I was in my room, I took of the hair wig and wiped off the lip gloss with a tissue. Then, I took off the T-shirt and the leggings, threw it behind some of my clothes. I took off the socks out of the bra and tried to take of the sports bra but for some reason, I just couldn’t get it off me. Then, I heard my sister calling me from downstairs to check if I was  home. I started panicking and my face was turning red. I called out to her that I was in the bathroom and will come down in a minute.

The sports bra wasn’t getting off, maybe it was because of the sweat. If I used too much force, the bra was going to tear and I would really get in big trouble. After trying to calm myself down and taking few deep breathe, I decided to put on my T-shirt on top of the bra. I put on my pants and washed my face before heading down. My heart was racing, hoping that my sister won’t noticed that I was wearing her bra and also her gym clothes were missing from the laundry basket.

When I reached the kitchen, my sister was getting a drink from the refrigerator, I suddenly realized that I had left my phone on the breakfast counter and it was still recording. My heart was almost about to explode. I slowly walked to the counter, grabbed my phone, stopped the video recording and put it in my pocket. Thank god, she didn’t notice my phone.

My sister looked at me and asked me why I was so red and sweaty. I said nothing and then she asked me why I was back home early from school. I told her that my classes finished early. She stared at me for a bit and I was really nervous that she would spot that I was wearing her sports bra. Luckily she didn’t. She asked me to tell mom that she was going to the city with her friends and not wait for dinner. I took the pizza that was left on the table and went back to my room. That was so close to getting busted. My sister didn’t even come upstairs and left after finishing her soda. I was very lucky that day.

After she was gone, I tried taking off the sports bra. This time more slowly and it came off. I inspected it to see if there was any damage and fortunately there was none. I put all the clothes back in the laundry basket before mom arrived. Then I checked the video recording from before and it had captured everything, from me running like crazy, and my sister coming in the kitchen. It was a very close call. I would surely have been caught crossdressing that day if I hadn’t heard my sister’s car outside the house.

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  1. Once while traveling, I went down to have breakfast dressed in a masculine but with a bra and underwear panties trying to avoid marking on the clothes. On top of the hotel bed I left several of my bras, panties and pantyhose in an orderly manner, so that after breakfast I finished packing my suitcase.
    When I went up, the door was open and the cleaning girls were working in the corridors, so I collected my little things and put them in my travel bag. As I left, I greeted the girls in the hallway in the most natural way, and they greeted me smilingly. They knew it..

  2. I like croosdresser

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