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How a Crossdressing Prank Encounter Changed Me Forever

crossdressing in publicHello, my name is Christopher. From Toronto. I am 25 yr old, a student at university. My passion for crossdressing started at school. I always was very keen for girlish things like the mini skirt, long polished nails, long hair. But never got opportunities to fulfill my desires. I wanted to see myself dressed as a babe and getting attentions from all the boys.

First opportunity I got when I moved to college and have my own room. I started shopping online for all the items in my dream list. Like any crossdresser first I bought couple of bra and panties. A blonde hair wig to my waist length. Sexy red hot mini dress and a sleeping gown. I used to dress up late in night and sleep with it. Wake up early in morning and pack everything. I was very smart to never caught.

Next step was to apply some makeup, I was very excited to apply lipstick, mascara, eyelashes and also the jewelry. After being patient,  got the time when I moved to university and also started working part-time. Now I have my own small place where I can live like Christine without any disturbance. Yes! CHRISTINE that’s my female name now.

I watched videos on YouTube for male to female transformation and make up tips. Slowly with time and practice I can say now that am passable with my female look. Honestly am proud of myself as Christine. So what next ??

Ultimate goal of any crossdresser is her desire to be seen in public, that thrill that feeling is so wild that I was dying to go for. But it’s not easy. So far all my fantasy and desires were with me only. Outside normal world I was so normal.
But I have started exploring more on social media.

Creating account in name of Christine and posting my best dressed pics. And then reading comments and compliments again again was so fun. Now I was chatting with many guys as well. Can’t say how I wanted to meet them as Christine. So far I was pretending to be a real girl and had hard time denying their meet up, or audio video call requests.

There was one guy Anthony who was really so desperate for me. Whole day I use to wait for his text. He was insisting to meet but I had no courage to tell him the truth, I didn’t want to lose him. Then comes the day.

One night it was so late in night we were chatting. He was so passionate to see me. Deep in my heart I wanted the same. I gave him address of one block next to mine. I planned to see him secretly and then to text him sorry that I can’t come. I don’t know what was going in my mind. We were chatting constantly. He started driving, told .e that he will be stopping by to get the cond0ms.

I asked him what dress shall I put on. He asked me to put pink thongs. No bra and just put on a long shirt, nothing else. I was do excited. I did exactly what he wanted plus my hair wig , makeup, clip earrings, and heels. Chanel perfume and I was ready. I saw myself in full length mirror and my goodness I was turning on myself. Though I knew I am not gonna meet him exactly.

Finally he arrived, he sent his car number and I can see from my window. I even asked him to come out and raise his hand up so that I can confirm its him. He did and omg he was tall handsome guy . I couldn’t believe he is here for me. I was breathing heavily. Oh dear God what to do.

Other end he was getting impatient now. Was asking why am not coming out. Same time he was also sharing how he gonna make love in car. Said I will spank your face against the window. I was like oh poor Christine you are dead.
I took deep breath. With all my courage I text him.

“Dear Anthony I love you , but I am not the one what you think, I am cd. Am not a typical gay but a boy who feel like he is a girl. I still love you as Christine. Sorry but now you can abuse me and block me. Sorry to hurt you feelings. With love Christine ”

I pressed send then my heart was like stopped beating. I was waiting to see his car leaving.

Time stopped, I didn’t want to look into chat box. 5 minutes and his car was still there. I decided to look into his reply.

And I can’t believe what I was reading. My heart was pumping like crazy.

He said “Christine you are a bitch, and f**k I love you. I don’t know about guy you talking about but if you are still out there in pink thong under long shirt you are my Christine, the only one I know. You are my babe and me and my car still waiting for you. If you think yourself as Christine then come out from hiding and be the one. Love you Christine. ”

I read and I was standing like dead, frozen. Then I realized where I am and it’s time to decide.

I stopped thinking and asked to my heart what to do. Christine this is your moment you were dreaming whole life. I don’t know what happened but I found myself stepping out of my apartment. I could hear my heels sound but my heart was beating even louder…..

Christine fairy life to be continued…..

Submitted by Christine

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  1. Hola. Bonita historia y llena de emociones. Gracias.

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