Hollie Christopher

Crossdresser Hollie
Femme name: Hollie Christopher

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

How long you have been crossdressing: I’ve been dressing up for nine years

Say something about your crossdressing experience: My crossdressing experience has taught me a lot! I learned how to put myself first, and I learned how to overcome anxiety. It also helped me to better understand the women in my life!

Reason you crossdress: I crossdress because men’s clothing is just so boring!! I have a huge family with a ton of older first cousins, so I spend my adolescence going to at least one wedding every year.

One thing that I just couldn’t get off of my mind was how the women all wore different fabrics and cuts and fashions and colors and patterns and hairstyles and accessories…(I could go on and on)… Where I felt like I had to wear a strict uniform with the other guys. Since then, I’ve been committed to showing the world that men can wear whatever they like too.

Things you like doing after dressing up: After I get cute, I like to practice makeup, walk to bars downtown, let boys treat my girlfriend and I, dance, take pictures, and play with my kitten Sammy!

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Crossdresser Hollie in Bodycon dress

Crossdresser Hollie

Hollie Christopher

Crossdresser Hollie Christopher

Hollie Christopher

Crossdresser Hollie Christopher

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  1. Hi Hollie,,, Summerville here. Lets be friends OK

  2. hey Hollie, I live in LA but my parents live in Georgia and i’m looking for girls like us to get dolled up and go out with. i would love to join you and your girlfriend for a night out to some bars and have some fun. I’ll be coming back to visit my parents in a couple months at the most. shoot me an email when you can I would love to share outfit and fashion ideas with you. I love your style! you look great!

  3. Miss Hollie, you have beauty, grace, elegance, style and class.. I would love to admire you in person. Would that be possible? if you reply wityh a way to contact you I will display my phone #. Have a sweet day!!!

  4. Lovely!

  5. In Myrtle Beach. Hit me up on FetLife

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