Helena Jourdan

crossdressing in public
Femme name: Helena Jourdan

Location: London

How long you have been crossdressing: Aer, wow! Since I was about 10. I used to borrow my mum’s clothes when everyone was out and I  remember being frustrated that my feet were too small for her shoes and then eventually being frustrated when they grew too big!.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: It’s been a wild-ride. From being completely closeted for years, married to a unsupportive wife, with the accompanying shame and purging, I am now almost at the stage of being out to everyone. I recently told my older children who were completely fine.

During my crossdressing “career” I went through these phases.
– only dressing at home, with girlfriend’s clothes with bad makeup
– buying my own dubious clothes and still staying at home, taking lots of photos. Makeup still bad.
– starting to grow my hair and to shave areas of body.
– Started going in public out late at night.
– devastated when hairdresser cuts my hair too short.
– 18months later with hair grown back visit hairdresser and say i need hairstyle that can work as boy and girl.
– hairdresser, Leanne, becomes completely rock for me and gives me 100x confidence to go out and helps me with makeup.
– start going out a lot more but still on my own, have first photoshoot.
– over last 12 yrs I’ve got re-married to completely supportive woman; had a few photoshoots; joined an evening class; go out regularly to regular venues and now have friends who only know me as Helena.

Next steps are to come out freely whenever necessary and to reveal myself at work, if only for the Christmas party.

Reason you crossdress: Here are some of the reasons:
– how I feel in women’s clothes
– the feel of women’s clothes
– the variety of styles and presentations that are available
– how pretty, lovely and gorgeous the clothes can be
– how I feel when presenting as a woman; I feel calmer, much less aggressive, more friendlier and caring, much more at ease and at one with myself.
– I also like the attention from others
– I also like looking at myself and fancying myself!

The main reason is that when I’m dressed and look in the mirror I finally see the real “me”.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: I love going out into the boring old world and doing usual things. I love visiting classy bars and having a chat. I love going to places where it’s normal to be more dressed up.
Also love going far far away so I need to survive as a woman. And I LOVE shopping!.

Instagram: @helenajourdan7

Photo Gallery:

man dressed as woman

mature crossdresser

mature crossdresser in public

mature crossdresser

man to woman transformation

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