Guy Almost Wins Beauty Contest by Disguising Himself as a Woman

guy disguised as womanA male college student named Alab Gancharov participated in a women beauty contest, which selects the most beautiful woman in the Yakuchiya  region of Russia. He disguised himself as a woman, created a profile and posted photos on the official Miss Yakuchiya website.

The initial rounds  of the beauty contest were all conducted online and Alab took advantage of the online situation and mobilized stylists and photographers to take photos of him as a beautiful dressed as woman

He received 369 votes for the photos he posted as a 24-year-old woman named ‘Angela’ and was selected as one of the ‘last 10 people’ who can advance to the final. In his profile, Alan  requested people to vote if they wanted to see more of him.

Of course, Alan revealed that he was a male before the finals, and was officially rejected by the Miss Yakuchiya Organizing Committee, who confirmed this, and was unable to advance to the finals. Instead, the 11th woman who was pushed by him in the rankings made it to the finals. Among them, the woman who wins the final will enter the Miss Russia pageant.

The photos below shows the process of Alan Gancharov’s transformation into a woman. Stylists and photographers tried to prove that even men can look attractive as women by showing the process and results of disguising male college students as a women.

Man transformed into woman

man disguised as woman

man dressed as woman

male to female transformation

Local observation is that it was a performance planned for stylists’ self-PR to some extent. In addition, this means that even men can transform into beautiful women, not to mention women. Through this, the motto claimed by Yakuchiya’s stylist also leaves a very impressive statement.

It was they who managed not only to turn a twenty-five-year-old undergraduate student of the  Yakutsk State University into a beautiful girl, not only to bring this girl to the final of the Miss Virtual Yakutia contest, but also almost to get the first prize. To turn Oleg into a woman, he needed a black wig, cosmetics from stylist Dmitry and branded outfits from fashion designer Nyurguyana.
Man transformed into woman

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  1. This just goes to show that guys dressed as women most of the time look better than the woman! The guys go the extra mile and kudos to this guy.

  2. Congrats. I would love to do this

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