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Got Caught by Neighbor in Panties

crossdressing in pantiesEver been caught before? Was it embarrassing? Or did it go better than you could’ve imagined? This is my story of getting caught wearing panties by neighbor. Normally when I’m home I’m dressed in some way, whether it be short shorts and a cami or silky pajama’s or just a thong under my sweatpants, but regardless I’m usually wearing something.

I was heading downstairs to do my laundry (2 story apartment building) and it was like any other day, had a black t-shirt on, black sweatpants, and a white lace thong. Well, my neighbor, we will call her Jill, happened to be getting her mail and wanted to talk to me while I loaded my laundry. No big deal.

Jill was in her 50s, dark hair, nothing special to look at, but extremely sweet and interesting. While she is talking to me about the parking issues, keep in mind she is to my right while I’m loading the machine, I drop a sock. So I bend over to grab it and I feel my shirt come out of my waistline, feeling my thong being exposed and rather obvious as it’s white up against black clothes.

She pauses for a slight second, then proceeds to shift the ENTIRE conversation to my choice of underwear. Jill immediately says to me “your underwear is super cute!” A bit embarrassed but feeling alright at the same time, I said “thanks..” and she continues to ask things like how long have I been wearing panties and if it’s a regular thing etc.

After a few questions she simply says she’s gotta head upstairs and walks away. I felt a little embarrassed but she seemed genuinely interested and not weirded-out, while being the first time I got caught I suppose it went pretty well. Anyway, fast forward a month or so and I’m at home and I’ve got a black bra and g-string on under my hoodie and sweatpants and I had to get my mail.

So I check outside, no cars home, so that means I can spice it up. I decided to put on black see-through leggings and a black crop top, and went to go get my mail assuming no one was home. While I’m unlocking my mailbox and bent over, the laundry room door shuts and I hear Jill simply say, “and hear I thought you only wore panties” I was so embarrassed.

I turned around and started walking towards the stairs and I say “sorry, didn’t think anyone was home” and she goes “hunny don’t apologize you look great. If you ever need some pointers or someone to take pictures let me know I’m always home! And my car is in the shop, that’s why it’s not outside” I asked what she was up to in an hour and she told me to come by.

Jill wound up taking hundreds of pictures and videos of me wearing everything I had. She even let me check out her closet as well. Long story short, I had to move 6 months later for work and I lost contact with her. Needless to say, I miss my favorite neighbor.

Submitted by Angela

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  1. Love the stories.wish I had friends and neighbours like that.

  2. Nice story. I can not stop me until read it fully. I feel it is written on me. Thanks

  3. I would love to find a woman who wants to see me dressed up in female clothing!

    1. I will see you

  4. Great motivating story. I wish to come across a nice women to help me crossdressing perfectly.

  5. Siempre he deseado salir a la calle y al sentarme(vestido de hombre), ser pillado viendose mis br@gas rosas de encaje por encima del pantalón. Para mi esto sería de lo más emocionante. Gracias.

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