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Glamour Service By Isabel – MTF Transformation Service in Denmark

Glamour Service By Isabel Glamour Service by Isabel is a unique and private makeover & male to female transformation service for crossdressers and transgender girls/women. It is located in Copenhagen – Falster, Denmark and run by founder and owner, Isabel.

Glamour Service by Isabel help men that need transformation services to become a beautiful lady by providing beautiful makeup, breastforms, dresses, stockings, high heels, wigs and everything required for a fabulous male to female transformation.

There are many packages offered by Glamour Service like Makeup to Go, Photo Sessions, Makeup Course, Video/ Movie Session, Café Trip and Shopping and Ladies Weekend. You can have unique pictures and if you wish you can also go out for a café trip.

Visit their website:

male to female transformation photoshoot

About Isabel:

Isabel is a happy owner and founder of Glamour Service and Boutique Isabel. She is also a stylist, makeup artist and photographer.

“I opened my first Crossdressing store in 2002 . My knowledge is broad and I have met 1000s of different types and levels of crossdresser and transgender people”. – Isabel

Photo Gallery: 

crossdressing service

man to princess transformation

crossdressing makeover

male to female photoshoot

man to woman transformation service

crossdressing makeover service

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  1. Hi
    I want to learn feminine mannerisms, feminine voice, do self makeup and hair, advice about how to style my hair like woman.
    Will you be able to help me with this?
    If so which sessions /courses would you recommend ?
    Also please explain in detail about these sessions/courses.


    1. Please visit their website:

  2. Hello dears
    Is your service down or only the site? I am interested in an appointment.
    All the best, Alexandra

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