Giovanna Di Botta

crossdresser Giovanna
Femme name: Giovanna Di Botta

Location: Vancouver, Canada

How long you have been crossdressing : Started when I was 9 years old, but I’ve really dedicated myself to it in the last four years. Before that, it was more of an opportunity thing, now it’s more like a lifestyle for me.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Sometimes I feel that the one that crossdress is my other self, that guy there. That when I’m presenting myself as a woman, that’s who I truly am. I love to just go around town and talk to people, go to stores, have lunch, love the compliments, the way people treat me, it makes me feel happy, and complete.

I’m always open to answering questions from people, and so far, had only positive experiences. I love when a woman comes up and tells me how pretty I am, or asks me about my shoes, or nails, or anything, and we simply chat like two women.
crossdresser in mini skirt I think what makes it a truly fulfilling experience for me, is that since I lost my fear of going out and started to enjoy being out there as myself, is feeling that I belong, and that people accept me for who I am. What is going to happen move forward? I don’t know. My plan is to keep enjoying it, and getting better and better at being Giovanna. Oh, and to buy more shoes!

Reason I crossdress: I love everything that is feminine, and I’ve grown up surrounded by powerful women, that had as part of their identity, presenting very feminine: stiletto heels, nails, makeup, dresses… I was attracted to it since I was a child, and when I tried my first heels, a pair of black stiletto boots from my aunt, I was hooked.

I felt powerful, confident, it was an amazing feeling for a child, almost hard to describe. I’ve always been shy, and when I’m presenting en femme, I feel that I can take over the world, I feel that it is who I truly am. And that’s why I love to dress up..

The absolute calm I feel and all the anxiety and stress disappear while I look like this. The calm I feel for days after being dressed is brilliant and I can never get enough of it. All the compliments and well wishes I get are amazing and something I never get as a man. The confidence I take from this I feel helps me in everyday life so it’s all positive except for the cost of having two wardrobes but it’s worth it.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: When I go out during the day, it’s mostly having lunch with friends, or coffee, then going to a makeup store, or looking for some new skirt or blouse at the stores I like. When going out at night, I like to go to drag shows or clubs, where I can dress up more fabulous and really explore my feminine side, dialing up the glam!
crossdresser in publicYour favorite outfits/style: I’m obsessed with high heels, so that’s always the base where I build my outfits from. I think my style could be described from Chic Brunch to Hot CEO (I wish!) – or like some friends told me once, “you’re either a hi-end escort or a bored mafia wife”. One inspiration for me has always been the way the women dressed on the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, I love that high-fashion look, which is something that I’m still trying to achieve and five inch stilettos. Can’t live without my high heels!

My favorite outfits would be, for going out during the day, my beige leather skirt, and if it’s warm a sleeveless cream or white top and beige heels, or if it’s cold, a white sweater, trench coat and beige or brown boots. At night, I’d usually go with 5 inch stiletto sandals, a black miniskirt and a beige or black tube top, or boots if it’s colder. I like to dial up the sexy, so you can expect me being a bit overdressed at all times!

How long does it take you to get ready: If I want to do it right, it takes an average of two hours if I don’t mess up my eyebrow coverage (which happens quite often) for makeup, and one hour for the outfit, including padding, nails, and hair. I tried to make it quicker, but then I ended up using the extra time that I managed to squeeze for retouching and improving the end result, which in the end makes me happier and more confident.

Where do you shop: Clothes I usually get a lot from SHEIN, because I can try different styles and see what looks good or not and return what I don’t want, Poshmark (helps if I already know the brand), FashionNova, Akira, or local shops here, like The Bay – where I got my favourite tube top, Winners, H&M, Aritzia, Zara.
man dressed as womanFor me shoes, shoes are important enough to justify looking for the right one, and so far, I chose Onlymaker for the Heeled Sandals and some boots, Up2Step for the Pumps – the shape and toe cleavage of their pumps is really next level, looks almost high fashion, SHEIN I’m giving a try and so far, is working well for block heeled sandals, Akira for the outrageous, gorgeous boots, JustFab or ShoeDazzle sometimes has nice stuff, and when I have some extra money, ShoeBidoo is my heaven for Italian designed shoes. I’ve been researching shoes for the last ten years, and these are the ones that passed the bar. I could also mention Cape Robbin, FCUK, Yoox and Aldo, which are worth a try.

And makeup, I usually purchase mine on Curlique Beauty, here in Vancouver, or at MAC. My preferred products are Makeup Forever HD Skin foundation and concealers, ELF putty primer or El Makiage Photofinish primer, Maybelline (don’t judge me) or NARS lipsticks, and MAC eyeshadows and contouring palette. I’ve found out that it’s best if you purchase makeup in person, with someone at the store that is going to help you find what really works for your skin.

Your favorite outfits/style: My favourite style would be trying to be classy and have an everyday look. I love nice dresses especially with a low cut top. Also love a leather dress or skirt or leggings. Also anything pink or with sequins is always a great look..

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