Genderfluid Queer Artist CHARLIE’s Male to Female Transformation is Simply Incredible

Genderfluid Queer Artist CHARLIE's Male to Female TransformationCharlie Carter is a fabulous Genderfluid Queer Artist who’s male to female transformation has shocked many on the internet world. Charlie has more than 180K+ followers on TikTok and gathered more than 4 million likes in total. He was also featured in BBC’s Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star in season 4.

Charlie’s videos typically showcase a masculine to feminine transformation through makeup, clothing, and fashion. He mentions that it allows him to show off his queer artistry and created space to explore the fluidity of his gender at a time when he was struggling with feelings of dysphoria around his body and identity.

male to female makeover

One of Charlie’s 15-second video captioned ‘Bro to Beauty’ went viral very quickly. In the video, he was first dressed in a traditional male outfit and then later transforms into a cute girl with the help of a hair wig, clothing, and makeup. He received a lot of comments from viewers who speculated there were two different people in the video and didn’t believe both versions were actually him.

Charlie adds that society is very habitual to labels and a gender binary, so when someone doesn’t stick to those rules, it can be hard for people to understand.

Photo Gallery:

male to female transformation

Genderfluid Artist Charlie Carter

male to female transformation

Genderfluid Charlie

boy to girl transformation

Male to female transformation


boy to girl

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  1. Je suis une femme sexy en bas jarretière et talons hauts et aiguilles

  2. One thing is for certain you look much happier and more as ease with yourself as a woman . A nice looking one to .

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